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P567 fields with sequence

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P567 Fields with Sequence based meaning

Sponsoring Person

 Joann Larson


Update XCN, XPN, XAD, XTN and CWE fields currently having sequence-based meaning.

Disposition =

Accepted by INM on motion by __/__ (00-00-00)


This is a resubmission of a portion of the original proposal #514 and is a joint proposal from Quest Diagnostics and Kaiser Permanente seeking to take full advantage of the structure of the Extended Composite ID Number and Name for Persons (XCN) data type which provides for identifying the name type and identifier type of a person. . This is important because currently many fields have been assigned sequential meaning such as "legal name" that may be unknown to the recorder or may be considered an invasion of privacy. The sender might know the person by one name and have no idea what type of name it is. The HL7 standard already provides for identifying the name type and identifier type of a person. There is no longer a need for meaning based on iteration or sequence. In particular in the US realm, use of the Name Type Code and the Identifier Type code in fields associated with the XCN data type is required for those entities claiming conformance to the US Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) specifications. This also eliminates the need to have sequence based semantics to understand the meaning of multiple iterations of information. The exception is where the field is an echo back and the information was not originally provided. Insert statement in the relevant fields as follows: As of v2.7, in the US Realm, the Name Type Code. Assigning Authority and Identifier Code are required. No assumptions can be safely made based on position or sequence unless by site agreement.