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P520 expand c*e Datatype

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520 Expand C*E datatype

Sponsoring Person

Mark Tucker


Accepted by INM -- mmm-2008 upon motion by __/__ (00-00-00)


Proposal to expand C*E datatype.


Proposal to expand C*E datatype. At Regenstrief, we have the need to have three code triplets in a CE datatype instead of the existing two triplets so we can represent the orignal code, our local code and a standardized code. Our use case: We recieve messages from many sources, and each message is analyzed by many message processors. We would like to enrich and normalize messages once as they come in so that every downstream processor need not perform its own mapping. To represent the mapping we would like to record, at a minimum, the original code triplet, the Regenstrief code triplet and the Loinc triplet. We would like HL7 to make one of the following changes: o. Change CE into three triplets