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Organizations interested in FHIR

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Page Purpose

This page is a location where organizations that have an interest in FHIR can register that interest. This includes both vendors implementing or intending to implement FHIR based interfaces, and potential users of those services.

Note that making an entry on this page in no way obligates you to do anything! This is purely for informational purposes, and to provide useful contacts.

List of Organizations (Alphabetical Order)

NHS England

  • Website: : n/a
  • Contact: Richard Kavanagh [1]
  • Interest: Proof of concept to assess whether FHIR is suitable for the integration between suppliers and consumers of information for a national Renal care network.

Open Mapping Software

  • Website: :
  • Contact: Robert Worden [2]
  • Interest: Developing open source tools for mapping and transforming between FHIR and other healthcare representations - inc. V2, CDA, and RDBMS. FHIR and data quality.


  • Website: :
  • Contact: Brett Esler [3]
  • Interest: Implementing FHIR server interface for Australian primary care systems to support appropriate 3rd party clinical data access.

Orion Health

  • Website: :
  • Contact: David Hay [4]
  • Interest: Planning to develop a general 'FHIR Engine' to support access to HIE data, as well as adding FHIR to the existing Integration Engine (Rhapsody).

Standards and Interoperability Framework

University of Western Sydney

  • Website: : School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Contact: Klaus Veil [6]
  • Interest: Research & Student Projects. In late 2012 a team of five students created a browser-based proof-of-concept FHIR hospital information system implementation. The results will be presented in a paper at the 2013 Health Informatics Conference in Adelaide, Australia.

Veterans Health Administration - Integrated Electronic Health Record

West Health Institute

  • Website: : [9]
  • Contact: Michael Ekaireb [10]
  • Interest: Interfacing a PCA infusion pump simulator that implements ISO/IEEE 11073 DIM, with a HL7 Fhir server via an Observation Reporter.