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Organizations interested in FHIR

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Page Purpose

This page is a location where organizations that have an interest in FHIR can register that interest. This includes both vendors implementing or intending to implement FHIR based interfaces and potential users of those services.

Note that making an entry on this page in no way obligates you to do anything! This is purely for informational purposes and to provide useful contacts.

List of Organizations (in Alphabetical Order), Inc.

  • Website: AEGIS
  • Contact: Mario Hyland [1]
  • Interest: Testing FHIR - support FHIR develop and publish test cases and eventually published within the Touchstone Project a Developers Integration Lab (DIL) initiative. Working on IHE, HL7, NwHIN and FHIR within the AEGIS Integrated Ecosystem a synthetic testing community of Health Care organizations.


  • Website: ART-DECOR
  • Contact: Kai Heitmann [2]
  • Interest: Profiling FHIR, Terminology, Testing FHIR - support FHIR development and publish implementation guidance at every level international, national, or regional.

Black Pear Software

  • Website: Black Pear
  • Contact Dunmail Hodkinson [3]
  • Interest: Creating FHIR adapters for UK GP systems. Contributing to OpenEyes Interoperability Kit.


  • Website: Caristix
  • Contact: Jean-Luc Morin [4]
  • Interest: Developing tools to help FHIR implementation to integrate systems.


  • Website: Cerner
  • Contact: David McCallie [5]
  • Interest: The SMART on FHIR "App plugin" architecture; HIE extensions; SOA support for back-end integration services.

Cognizant Technology Solutions

  • Website: Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Contact: Doug DeShazo [6]
  • Interest: Use of FHIR server in support of HIE, FHIR resources for XDS, CCDA, CCD and FHIR for mobile applications (IHE MHD TF Supplement).

CommonWell Health Alliance

  • Website: CommonWell
  • Contact: Peter Bernhardt [7]
  • Interest: Using FHIR to support patient linking and matching services. CommonWell launched its interoperability services in January 2014 as part of its initial pilot rollout.

Corepoint Health

  • Website: Corepoint Integration Engine
  • Contact: Dave Shaver [8]
  • Interest: Supporting FHIR within comprehensive, #1-in-KLAS integration engine; support for both client and server roles, HL7 V2/CDA to FHIR mapping, and FHIR-to-FHIR mapping.

Datuit (SafeIX Application Platform)

  • Website:
  • Contact: Gordon Raup [9]
  • Interest: In the process of adding FHIR as one of the formats for apps to request and receive patient PHI from our SafeIX Application Platform (in addition to using our original SafeIX Fragments API).


  • Website:
  • Contact: Gritje Meinke [10], Stefan Schlichting [11]
  • Interest: Using FHIR to publish device data, using FHIR for interfacing with hospital information systems, using FHIR to share data with 3rd party applications.


  • Website:
  • Contact: Janet Campbell [12]
  • Interest: Developing support for SMART-on-FHIR mobile and web applications.

GE Healthcare

  • Website: GE Healthcare
  • Contact: John Moehrke [13]
  • Interest: Using FHIR as a last-mile API to enable mHealth applications. Working with IHE on cross-development of IHE-MHD (XDS) and other.

Guys’ & St Thomas’ NHS Trust UK (Kings Health Partners)

  • Website:
  • Contact: Peter Swallow [14], Gary McAllister [15]
  • Interest: Project to share patient data between hospitals in London UK (Guys’ & St Thomas’ NHS Trust, Kings College Hospital and South London & Maudsley) currently in a Live Pilot. Starting to adopt FHIR.


  • Website:
  • Contact: José Olmo [16]
  • Interest:Development of PHR and Patient Engagement solution based on FHIR, integrating with IHE-XDS, CDA and Direct protocol, and CDS/vMR system. Mobiles apps and Web Portals for patients and doctors uses FHIR server like their main services platform.

Health-Comm GmbH (Germany)

  • Website: [17]
  • Contact: Simone Heckmann [mailto:]
  • Interest: Developping V2 / FHIR integration based on Cloverleaf(R), contributing to the FHIR specification, participation at connectathons

HEALTHCONNEX (Telstra Health)

  • Contact: Brian Postlethwaite [18]
  • Interest: Investigating suitability of FHIR for interfacing between internal and external products.
  • Contributing to the development of the FHIR standard - particularly appointments and directory related resources.
  • (company formerly known as DCA eHealth Solutions)

HL7 Colombia

  • Website:
  • Contact: Mario Cortés [19]
  • Interest: Localization of FHIR specifications in Colombia and promotion for adoption at the HL7 user community in this country.

HL7 Systems & Services

  • Website:
  • Contact: [20]
  • Interest: Using FHIR as an example of ICT 'mainstreaming' eHealth interoperability technology.


  • Website:
  • Contact: Keith Boone [21]
  • Interest: Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise has an interest, both in IT Infrastructure (in MHD and PDQ for Mobile, and in Patient Care Coordination (it is referenced in the DAF White Paper from PCC)


  • Website: Infor
  • Contact: Joel Rydbeck [22], Ron Archambault [23]
  • Interest: Develop FHIR resources for server/client enablement with existing applications and technologies to advance adoption of the standard. Contribute as an active member of FHIR committee.

InterSystems Corporation

  • Website: InterSystems Corp.
  • Contact: Matthew Spielman email
  • Interest: Developing intra-hospital and HIE-based FHIR solutions. Providing Caché based developer tools for FHIR.

Kainos Evolve

  • Website: Kainos Evolve
  • Contact: Alastair Allen [24]
  • Interest: FHIR Server exposing Evolve services, enabling easy mobile app development and IHE-MHD.

Kyung Hee University Korea, Shaukat Khanum Memorial and Cancer Hospital Pakistan, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, NUST Pakistan

  • Website: Smart CDSS
  • Contact: Maqbool Hussain [25]
  • Interest: Building FHIR based framework that enables communication between clinical decision support system - called Smart CDSS - and hospital system from Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital for Head and Neck cancer department.


  • Website: McKesson Corporation
  • Contact: Colin Wright [26]
  • Interest: Enabling FHIR on new and existing HIT systems. Particularly in conjunction with other standards (e.g., XDS, CDA) and in new web-based and mobile applications.

Mirth Corporation

  • Website: Mirth Connect
  • Contact: Kelly Huang [27]
  • Interest: Developing tools for hosting and integrating with FHIR and other healthcare standard interfaces.

Mohawk College

  • Website: Mohawk College ideaworks
  • Contact: Duane Bender [28]
  • Interest: Building an Objective-C reference framework for FHIR implementations on IOS, expanding existing reference and testing implementations to include FHIR interfaces

NEHTA (Australia)

NHS England

  • Website: n/a
  • Contact: Richard Kavanagh [30]
  • Interest: Proof of concept to assess whether FHIR is suitable for the integration between suppliers and consumers of information for a national Renal care network.

Nictiz Netherlands


  • Website:
  • Contact: Igor Bossenko [32], Jan Jasinski [33]
  • Interest: Building NHR/NHS solutions using FHIR standard. Implementation consits of central system based on a FHIR server and hospital information systems acting as the clients.

Open Mapping Software

  • Website:
  • Contact: Robert Worden [34]
  • Interest: Developing open source tools for mapping and transforming between FHIR and other healthcare representations - inc. V2, CDA, and RDBMS. FHIR and data quality.


  • Website:
  • Contact: Brett Esler [35]
  • Interest: Implementing FHIR server interface for Australian primary care systems to support appropriate 3rd party clinical data access.

Orion Health

  • Website:
  • Contact: David Hay [36]
  • Interest: Developed a general purpose server - 'Blaze' to support access to HIE data, as well as adding FHIR to the existing Integration Engine (Rhapsody).


Standards and Interoperability Framework

SYSNET International, Inc.

Systems Made Simple, Inc.

  • Website:
  • Contact: Gina Gallagher [39]
  • Interests:
    • Prime contractor for Veterans Health Administration for the development of the Integrated Electronic Health Record
    • Research and prototyping of FHIR capabilities.

Thrasys, Inc

  • Website:
  • Contact: Randy Belknap [40]
  • Interest: Use of FHIR for community based healthcare process integration (e.g. scheduling, care management)

University Health Network (Toronto Canada)

University of Western Sydney

  • Website: School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Contact: Klaus Veil [42]
  • Interest: Research & Student Projects. In late 2012 a team of five students created a browser-based proof-of-concept FHIR hospital information system implementation. The results were presented in a paper at the 2013 Health Informatics Conference in Adelaide, Australia.

Veterans Health Administration - Integrated Electronic Health Record

Vitoria City Hall - Brazil

West Health Institute

  • Website:
  • Contact: Michael Ekaireb [46]
  • Interest: Interfacing a PCA infusion pump simulator that implements ISO/IEEE 11073 DIM, with a HL7 FHIR server via an Observation Reporter.

Xerox Healthcare Solutions

  • Website: Xerox Healthcare Solutions
  • Contact:
  • Interest: Use of FHIR server in support of HIE, FHIR resources for XDS, CCDA, CCD and FHIR for mobile applications (IHE MHD TF Supplement).

Yerkes National Primate Research Center (NIH)

  • Website:
  • Contact: Jonathan Lowe []
  • Interest: A single database for the storage and analysis of all Biomarker assays and Genomic core analyses