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Open mHealth to FHIR

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Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group

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To pilot the Open mHealth to FHIR Implementation Guide which describes how to use FHIR and OMH to pull health data from popular third-party APIs like Runkeeper and Fitbit. Using the OMH SHIMMER adn an "Open mHealth to FHIR" server, this data is made accessible to a FHIR SMART client either in the native OMH schema format or as FHIR resources (typically FHIR Observations).

Use Cases to include:

  1. A patient preventing or managing one or more diseases
  2. Accessing to mHealth data for enterprise level-needs, e.g., to support population health and research purposes

Proposed Track Lead

Open mHealth Contacts:

Dedicated [#.html Zulip chat stream] for this track ...tbd...

FHIR version


Expected participants

  • GA Tech
  • UCSF
<your name here!>


See the mFHIR Implementation Guide for the initial use cases and FHIR Mappings.

  • FHIR-enabled EHR Sytem
  • A Open mHealth to FHIR Server with FHIR server running SMART-on-FHIR protocols for authentication/authorization, etc.
  • Patient’s step counter sensor (called ** StepSensor** in this use case) – specific product, may be the patient’s phone
  • Data store' for the Step-Counter Device output (e.g., cloud and/or phone (e.g., GoogleFit, HealthKit)) that either offers data directly in Open mHealth format using an Open mHealth endpoint, or is supported by Shimmer
  • Open mHealth to FHIR Client a SMART on FHIR app – has roles for PCP, onboarding staff, and patient


See the mFHIR Implementation Guide for the initial use cases and FHIR Mappings.

Test Implementations