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Open Source FHIR implementations

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This page lists known open source implementations of the FHIR specification. For a list of running servers, see Publicly Available FHIR Servers for testing

Reference Libraries

  • JAVA: - James Agnew / University Health Network
    • Open-source Java library for quickly creating FHIR Servers and Clients
    • Geared towards adding FHIR capability to existing applications (e.g. it's not a database, it's a library for quickly bolting FHIR on to your own database, or connecting to other FHIR servers as a client)
    • Supports all resource types, most operations, and both xml and json encodings
    • "Tinder" code generator (Maven plugin) creates model objects and clients from Profiles and Conformance statements
  • DotNet:
    • Reference server built in parallel with Grahame's to test the specification
    • Supports all resource types, searches, all operations, xml + json
    • Built in .NET with the .NET reference implementation, WebApi 2.0 library, Mongo DB for storage and search.
  • Ruby:
    • Open-source Ruby library for quickly creating FHIR applications
    • Geared towards adding FHIR capability to your Ruby applications.
    • Supports STU3 (default) and DSTU2, all resource types, most operations, and both xml and json encodings

Other Open source Implementations

  • FHIRBase - open source relational storage for FHIR with document API based on PostgreSQL. FHIRBase is an attempt to take the best parts of Relational & Document Databases for persistence of FHIR resources. FHIRBase stores resources relationally and gives you the power of SQL for querying & aggregating. At the same time FHIRBase provides a set of SQL procedures & views to persist and retrieve resources as a json documents in one hop.
  • the FHIR build tool itself is open source and includes various definitional and reasoning tools. See [1]. If you aren't signed up to the HL7 GForge, you can access the FHIR repository at [2] anonymously.
  • JSON-to-XML-Converter - JavaScript based open source library to convert FHIR between JSON and XML. It is built from the FHIR XML Schema.
  • [3] - DSTU-2 FHIR entities compatible with .Net Core