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Open Source FHIR implementations

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This page lists known open source implementations of the FHIR specification. For a list of running servers, see Publicly Available FHIR Servers for testing

Reference Implementations

Note that the FHIR specification itself includes several reference implementations at [1]. The scope of the reference models included the FHIR specification itself is limited to object models derived from resource definitions or profiles, along with parsers for both XML and json, and necessary supporting code. Further code - clients, servers, transforms to other formats - is encouraged, but won't be included in the specification itself.

Note that the reference implementations are covered under a different license to the FHIR specification. For now, this is the standard OSI approved BSD license (BSD-3-Clause, [2]). The HL7 OHT license is not used because it's not on the list of OSI approved licenses ([3]), and because there is a huge component (FHIR itself) that cannot be covered under the OHT IP rules (rather a problem for the v3 tools too).

Other open source Implementations

  • the FHIR build tool itself is open source and includes various definitional and reasoning tools. See [4]. If you aren't signed up to the HL7 GForge, you can access the FHIR repository at [5] anonymously.