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October 4th Education Telecon

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Call in info:

+1 8009481333 US Toll Free Meeting number (access code): 929 553 530 Meeting password: 1234


    • FHIR certification test statistics review
    • tutorial stats from WGM
    • Updates from HQ
    • Newcomer webinar and engagement ideas prep for January
    • New Member webinar
    • Strategic Plan work

Attendees: Melissa, Sadhana, Matt, Mark

Call to Order: 1:10 pm PST

Announcements Melissa has changed companies, cannot host Free Conference from behind firewall We will postpone Mark's course presentation to the next meeting Sadhana - will check with Dave Hammill to be FCC Administrator FHIR Certification testing check in Need larger sample size, we currently have 9. We are also working with Australia on a proctored exam. Sadhana is working to offer this online, getting proper permissions to do this. Concern is that we don’t have a large enough sample size to do analysis. Update from HQ: Requests/Feedback FHIR for Architects - this is too technical Can we shorten the FHIR for Executives? Should we have an Executive teach this course? Mark has been teaching a 4 hour course on Coursera which is aimed at a non-technical audience, and may be able to help - could we use EDX? Also requested: FHIR for Clinicians - there is nothing in the January grid for this Mark - Clinicians are really interested in using FHIR, but we need to develop an outreach mechanism Matt - case studies may be very effective in clinician training Mark - case based instruction Melissa - get our proposed HL7 for Clinician track to Matt and Mark

Newcomers Webinar: Melissa and Virginia meeting offline to finalize syllabus Matt has some input on this

Strategy: We will tackle this one section at a time - we can review updates in our conference calls.

Additional Items: Melissa moved that Mark be able to present his course outline off-cycle as he has conflicts for the next two meetings. Matt seconded. Unanimously approved. Melissa will send out notification to listserv. Mark will present his online course outline next Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 4 pm EST

Meeting adjourned at 1:55 pm PST.