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||||.|| [ Saurav Chowdhury]
||||.|| [ Saurav Chowdhury]
||||.|| [ Dave Silver]
||||.|| [ Dave Silver]
|| |x|| [ Francisco Jauregui]
||| |x|| [ Francisco Jauregui]
||  x|| [ Mark Meadows]  
||  x|| [ Mark Meadows]  

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October 16, 2018 CBCP Conference Call


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Member Name x Member Name x Member Name x Member Name
x Johnathan ColemanCBCP Co-Chair . Suzanne Gonzales-Webb CBCP Co-Chair x Jim Kretz CBCP Co-Chair . David Pyke CBCP Co-Chair
. Kathleen Connor Security Co-Chair x Mike Davis . John Moehrke Security Co-Chair . Diana Proud-Madruga
. Chris Shawn . Neelima Chennamaraja x Joe Lamy . Greg Linden
x Irina Connelly . Saurav Chowdhury . Dave Silver x Francisco Jauregui
x Mark Meadows . Amber Patel x Becky Angeles . Jennifer Brush
. Mohammad Jafari . Ali Khan x Ken Salyards . Michael Gu
. David Staggs . Bonnie Young . Ioana Singureanu . Beth Pumo
. Mike Qu . Josh . Shreya Patel x Mark Meadows

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Agenda DRAFT

  1. Roll Call, Agenda Review
  2. Meeting Minutes approval:
  3. eLTSS Update - Irina / Becky
  5. Baltimore WGM Agenda
    • meeting minutes, DRAFT in process
    • report out

Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

Johnathan Coleman, Chair

Roll Call, Agenda Review, Minutes Approval Minutes from 9/18/18 reviewed and approved.

  • Motion: Jim Kretz Second: Ken Salyards
  • Vote: No abstentions. No negatives, Minutes passed


  • Ballot items distributed on listserve were reviewed.
  • Irina Connelly explained draft dispositions resulting from discussions with commenters.
  • Ballot comments #1 through #16 reviewed and voted on:
  • Motion: Jim Kretz Second: Becky Angeles.
  • Vote: No abstentions. No negatives. Motion Passes

DS4P Ballot Reaffirmation Discussion: Document was discussed and reviewed. Standard is cited as a 2015 Edition EHR Certification criteria.

  • Mike Davis asked a question regarding whether or not DS4P was cited in TEFCA.
    • Johnathan described that TEFCA as originally published had two parts: Part A (Principles) and Part B (Common Agreement).
  • Some standards were included in the original publication of draft TEFCA, but perhaps should have been included in more technical documents such as IGs.
  • Motion made to reaffirm DS4P: Jim Kretz Second: Ken Salyards.
  • No abstentions. No negatives. Motion Passed

No other business. Meeting adjourned.