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Parent: COCS_DM000000

Observation Intolerance CMET

  • An observation intolerance (AKA allergy) provides the attributes and associations needed for the specification of an intolerance or allergy. An allergy is a hypersensitive state acquired through exposure to a particular allergen. Those participations and act relationship that are valid for intolerances, and that are not addressed in the Laboratory Observation Domain Message Information Model are described below.


  • There are no participations that are specific to an intolerance

Act Relationships

  • The following associations have particular relevance for an intolerance.
    • Adverse Reaction:
      • An intolerance can be associated with zero to many adverse reactions. For the most part, intolerances are discovered and confirmed through the observation of an adverse reaction. However, an intolerance may be reported without providing specific information on related adverse reactions. At the same time, an allergic person may experience many reactions as a result of multiple exposures. Severity:
      • It is relevant, though not mandatory or universal to record the severity of a person's adverse reaction. Each severity observation is related to a single adverse reaction. Note, however, that it is possible to record the severity of allergic reactions without specific documentation of the adverse reaction itself.