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OO WGM Agenda May 2017

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  • business icon - business
  • ballot reconciliation icon - ballot reconciliation
  • technical icon - technical
  • / = joint session
  • + = session with representatives of

Remember that the WGM events all start 1 hour LATER than normal!

Day Date ' Time Icon Event Chair Scribe Room
Monday May 8 AM Q1 No Meeting - plenary
Q2 Available Chairs: Riki, Hans
PM Q3 technical icon FHIR/OO/InM/MnM
  • Workflow discussion hosted by FHIR-I
  • May be send representative to AID WG (HL7 v2 publication)
Available Chairs: Lorraine, Riki
Q4 technical icon FHIR/OO/InM/MnM
  • Order SOA with SD
  • IHE harmonization update (mostly LRI)
  • Lab Guide ballot reconciliation
Available Chairs: Riki, Hans
Tuesday May 9 AM Q1 business icon

technical icon

  • WITH INM Chapter 2 and ACK Choreography work
  • Lab Guide ballot reconciliation
Available Chairs: Lorraine, Riki, Hans
Q2 technical icon OO/PHER + Rx + RCRIM + FHIR + HCD
  • WG updates
  • Update on order catalog
Available Chairs: Patrick, Lorraine, Riki
LUNCH MEETING technical icon OO
  • AUC discussion
Available Chairs: Hans, Riki
PM Q3 technical icon OO
  • Lab Guides ballot reconciliation joint with CG and PHER?
Available Chairs: Riki
Q4 technical icon OO
  • FHIR Tracker ( Eric )

11045 Add+refererenced+to+DeviceComponents+or+related+Device+resources+from+a+parent+Device.+-+2016-09+core+%2364 (Ioana Singureanu) Not Persuasive 12720 Please+Add+Specimen+Status+of+waiting-to-collect (Jamie Hignite) Not Persuasive 12813 Add+a+RequestOnBehalfOf+field+or+a+RequestedBy+field (Jamie Hignite) Not Persuasive with Mod 12897 DSTU2+DeviceKind+link+to+GMDN+codes+is+broken (Cooper Thompson) Persuasive 12905 ProcedureRequest.code+should+not+be+1..1 (Lloyd McKenzie) Persuasive 12916 Vital+Signs+profile+has+invalid%2Finconsistent+invariants (Brian Postlethwate) Persuasive 13160 Description+on+ProcedureRequest+elements+still+specific+to+former+%22DiagnosticRequest%22 (Marten Smits) Persuasive 13205 remove+redundant+extensions+from+ProcedureRequest (Eric Haas) Persuasive 13242 Small+error+in+a+definition (None) Persuasive

    • Other Trackers:

118 review+.related.type+codes (Eric Haas) 12913 Create+a+profile+for+%22Patient+characteristics%22 (Lloyd McKenzie) 12966 ProcedureRequest+-+add+DosageInstructions+or+Quantity (Jamie Hignite) 13094 Collapse+DataElement+into+StructureDefinition (Lloyd McKenzie) 13144 Add+Core+extension+to+identfy+Personal+HealthCare+Device (Eric Haas) 9433 Observation.issued+and+DiagnosticReport.issued (Hans Buitendijk) Not Persuasive 9880 element+for+indicated+who+or+what+changes+the+status (Hans Buitendijk) Not Persuasive 10170 Device+resource+needs+more+%27static%27+entries+and+clearer+indication+that+it+is+for+STATIC+fields (Brian Reinhold) In Person Not Persuasive 10556 Add+more+options+to+the+Data+absent+reasons (Brian Reinhold) In Person Not Persuasive 12673 How+to+handle+HCT%2FTP (Jose Costa) Persuasive 13169 change+performer+role+binding+to+v3+partiicpation+type+with+strength+of+extensible (Eric Haas) Persuasive

Available Chairs: Lorraine?, Riki
Wednesday May 10 AM Q1 technical icon OO
  • AP reporting using DR, (Eric to present)
  • GF#12240
Available Chairs: Riki
Q2 technical icon 'OO/II/CG/BRIDG
  • WG updates
  • Specimen definition review (Claude, Lorraine or Francois)
  • Specimen DAM reconciliation
  • Lab Guide recon
Available Chairs: Lorraine, Riki, Hans
PM Q3 technical icon PC/OO/FHIR
(Defer to PC for other trackers)
  • Negation handling
  • Device EMR project update
  • Observation/PHD/mobile

Available Chairs: Riki, Hans
Q4 ballot reconciliation icon OO
  • GF#10170
  • Handling of device / medication instances vs definition (Jose to lead topic)
  • UDI project update ?
Available Chairs: Lorraine?, Riki, Hans
Thursday May 11 AM Q1 technical icon OO/Templates + Pt Care + Clinical Decision Support
  • CS/Templates/PC/CDS
  • WG updates
  • Ordering Service update
  • Specimen definition
  • Device definition resources
Available Chairs: Lorraine, Riki, Hans
Q2 technical icon OO/FHIR
  • FHIR Planning
  • Observation/PHD/mobile (Eric)
  • Vision prescription resource / Eyecare project (Lorraine)
  • LVID (Mel from Epic?)
  • GF#12913
Available Chairs: Lorraine, Riki, Hans
PM Q3 technical icon CS/OO + Pt Care
  • CS Project Status and Administrivia
  • Ballot reconciliation overflow
Available Chairs: Riki?, Hans
Q4 technical icon OO
  • OPEN
Available Chairs: Riki
Friday May 12 AM Q1 technical icon OO
Available Chairs:
Q2 technical icon OO
Available Chairs: