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|'''CS/OO + Pt Care  (PC not this WGM)
|'''CS/OO + Pt Care  (PC not this WGM)
* eLTSS Initiative
* eLTSS Initiative
* FHIR Tracker / Ballot Reconciliation
** [ 14142]Harmonize DeviceUseStatement with MedicationStatement
(**cancelled** FHIR Tracker / Ballot Reconciliation)
** [ 13521]Add 'declined' to the valueset
| Available Chairs: Hans (Partially), Riki, JD
| Available Chairs: Hans (Partially), Riki, JD

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  • business icon - business
  • ballot reconciliation icon - ballot reconciliation
  • technical icon - technical
  • / = joint session
  • + = session with representatives of

Day Date ' Time Icon Event Chair Scribe Room
Monday Jan 29 AM Q1 business icon
  • Agenda Review
  • Project Administrivia
Available Chairs: Hans, Riki, Patrick, Lorraine, Rob?
  • V2.9 CRs including blood bank CRs
  •  ??
Available Chairs: Hans, Patrick, Riki
PM Q3 technical icon OO
  • V2 Publishing - V2 Management - sending reps


  • OO Resources for CQI
  • CDS
Available Chairs: Hans, Riki (V2 Pub), Patrick, Lorraine (V2 Pub)
Q4 technical icon FHIR/OO/InM/MnM
  • FHIR Workflow
    • Review Workflow report and workgroup responsibilities prior to ballot
    • Review ExampleScenario resource
      • call for pilots
    • Review of Workflow Patterns
    • Workflow Pattern issues and trackers
Available Chairs: Hans, Riki, Patrick. Lorraine?
Tuesday Jan 30 AM Q1 technical icon OO/HCD
    • 13652 14881 14881 Observation requires Vital Signs Profile support which requires LOINC, which is too strict
      • follow up from last WGM
        • MDC and LOINC mapping - to publish when ready.
        • Not Persuasive: Rationale - Consumers should be able to search by a single globally unique concept (removing the burden from them to have to know the local flavor)
  • Device/Kind (HealthProduct suggestion)
    • Presentation/Update (Jose Costa-Teixeira)
    • proposed changes
  • Device / DeviceComponent
    • See UDI below
  • UDI
    • 13965 Multiple UDIs for Complex Devices
Available Chairs: Hans, Patrick, JD, Lorraine, Rob?
Q2 technical icon OO/PHER + Rx + BR&R + FHIR + HCD
  • Various WG updates
    • C-CDA R2.1 Supplemental Templates for Infectious Disease Update
  • HCD: LIVD Update
  • Device/Kind (HealthProduct suggestion)
    • Presentation/Update (Jose Costa-Teixeira)
    • proposed changes
Available Chairs: Riki, Patrick, JD, Lorraine
PM Q3 technical icon OO
  • UDI Pattern Ballot Reconciliation
  • UDI DAM Ballot Reconciliation
Available Chairs: Patrick, Hans, JD
Q4 technical icon OO
  • Update on Nutrition C-CDA templates (Lindsey Hoggle)
  • Order Catalog
  • LIVD?
Available Chairs: Patrick, Hans, JD, Rob, Lorraine
Wednesday Jan 31 AM Q1 technical icon OO
  • Behavioral Health: Psychometric Instruments (presenter?)

OO + PC (PC Hosting)

  • FHIR Change requests - Joint with OO
  • ServiceRequest - trackers and open issues
    • Procedure/Diagnostic Report - picking up this stream:
      • Seems to imply using DR to create a ProcedureReport ( e.g. a SX Report, Dental Report, etc)
      • Need to clarify the intent in order to update Proc and DR's scope and boundaries
      • Update on ClinicalNotes from Mon Q2 discussion with SD, FHIR-I, and PC.
      • ServiceRequest - trackers and open issues
        • (Tentative) Radiation Requests here vs MedicationRequest
          • external beam vs seeding devices
          • Issue - No Dosing meta element for ServiceRequest (Dosing is described in context of only medications)
          • Open Question as how this stuff is currently handled in systems today.
  • Other areas of common interest
Available Chairs: Riki, Patrick, Ken
Q2 technical icon 'OO/II/CG/BR&R
  • Media-Observation
    • 14146 Review MediaSubtype value set and code systems ( see pre-applied changes )
  • Next steps for AP proposal/outline
Available Chairs: Hans, Riki, Patrick. Lorraine
PM Q3 technical icon OO/FHIR/PC/CQI/CDS
  • BiologicallyDerivedProduct (Bob MIlius)
    • Project Update
    • RelatedTrackers:
      • GF#12673 How to handle HCT/TP - change ownership to OO and possibly close since is answered by the project PSS.
      • GF#12993 Please Create a NonMedicationAdministration object or an Administration object
      • GF#13047 Add DosageInstructions to Procedure-
        • - EH Depending how we scope MedAdmin and Procedures, Procedures may need dosages too? see e.g. radiation therapy question from Q1
  • OO resources used by PC/CQI/CDS
    • Order Set and Plan Definition
    • Recap/Overflow issues of OO resources discussed in Wed Q1 PC (time permitting)
Available Chairs: Riki, Patrick, Lorraine
Q4 ballot reconciliation icon OO
  • FHIR Tracker/Ballot Reconciliation
    • 14443Observation.subject is too narrow
    • 14392Observation needs to make more clear what can and can't be done with components
    • 14677 Adding new categories to Observation.category
    • 14038how to represent add-ons
    • 11963Consistency in DiagnosticReport and Observation Category - 2016-09 daf #50
    • 14414Intent field options for Medication Request and CommunicationRequest and NutritionRequest
Available Chairs: Ken, David
Thursday Feb 1 AM Q1 technical icon OO/Templates + Pt Care + Clinical Decision Support
  • Order Service update
  • Overflow from Wednesday Q3
Available Chairs: Hans, JD, Lorraine, Rob?
Q2 technical icon OO/FHIR
  • FHIR Planning
    • new time for OO on FHIR Call
  • Resource Management (e.g., Clinical and Supply Chain resources)
  • Trackers with FHIR wide implications (time permitting)
    • 11217Thoughts on combining SupplyRequest, DeviceUseRequest and VisionPrescription - 2016-09 core #371
    • 13938Add phsyical activity profiles like vitals
    • 12913Create a profile for "Patient characteristics"
Available Chairs: Hans, Riki, JD, Lorraine
PM Q3 technical icon CS/OO + Pt Care (PC not this WGM)
  • eLTSS Initiative

(**cancelled** FHIR Tracker / Ballot Reconciliation)

Available Chairs: Hans (Partially), Riki, JD
Q4 technical icon OO/CIMI
Available Chairs: Riki, JD, Lorraine
Friday Feb 2 AM Q1 technical icon OO
  • Not Meeting
Available Chairs:
Q2 technical icon OO
Available Chairs:
Available Chairs:
Available Chairs: