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!width="100"|Project ID
!width="100"|Project ID
!width="100"|Next Ballot
!width="100"|Next Ballot

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Welcome to the Orders & Observations Work Group project page. On these pages we will manage some information about projects OO is working on and some artifacts. Model artifacts are posted to the HL7 SVN Repository. Further information about OO HL7 projects, see project insight OO Projects

OO Projects

Project ID Project Status Next Ballot
38 Composite Order Development JAN 12
797 Behavioral Framework Conceptual Spec for Lab Orders Development JAN 12
587 Laboratory Orders Development JAN 12
312 Blood, Tissue, Organ v3 HOLD ON HOLD
521 Blood Donation v2 Ballot Approved SEP 11
625 Common Product Model DSTU R2  
586 Lab Microbiology Template Development JAN 12
738 Nutrition Management Reconciliation SEP 11