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OO Dynamic Model Minutes

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San Antonio, May 2006

  • Project Team
    • We seem not to be able to get a project team going to focus on the Dynamic Model that cuts across the different areas.
    • Should we consider an out-of-cycle, e.g., Sunday prior, or Friday, on Dynamic Model?
    • Should we focus on creating documentation rather then just making decisions?
    • Hans to send out request for interest to meet on Sunday prior or Friday for a full day.
  • Objectives
    • Initially focus on common set of rules on how to deal with order management state transitions after the creation of an order.
      • Covers lab, Rx, Rad, PT, Dietary, NRS, Procedures, etc.
    • Subsequently:
      • Create set of rules on how to deal with observation state transitions
      • Synchronize with referrals and appointments.
        • Referral is patient care provision in order mood.
  • Wiki
    • We agreed to use the wiki site to channel discussions.
    • Hans to populate raw data. Notes and initial seed of the documentation
    • Copy-n-paste the general act state machine as well.
  • Documentation
    • We should take current state machine of act and elaborate under the common order model.
    • Alternatively, we can use storyboards as starting point.
    • We need to provide both the storyboards and state machine.
  • Approach
    • Should we use the HDF approach to generate the artifacts necessary?
    • Should we go back to the topics discussed to date and start to go for each one of them and start to produce these artifacts and refine our approach?
    • We agreed to address Storyboard (wiki/pub db), Activity Diagram (visio), Interaction (pub db), Trigger Events (wiki/pub db), Application Roles, State Transition Definition. (those in bold are needed for ballot).
      • Left to Right or Right to Left?
      • Do they all end up in the ballot and therefore, do we need to do them?
    • Consider listing/prioritizing all topics, or take 1-2 storyboards and flesh them out completely. The latter would not touch all topics, but complete all necessary steps.
    • Tom and Rob to provide initial story boards.
    • Michael/Garry C initial “pub drivers”
    • Wendell initial “visio driver”
  • Issue: “Combined State Transitions”
    • Examples:
      • Suspend/Resume – one focal act, two state transitions
      • Replace – one focal act and non-focal act, each with their own state transition
    • Do not want to send two messages for the Replace. MnM must support, or we’ll ignore them.
    • Motion: Suspend/Resume – two messages are consistent with V2. Until clear use case to combine, suggest to stay with two messages. Tom moved, Rob second.
      • Discussion: None.
      • Vote: Against: 0; Abstain: 0; In Favor: 15