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OO CReDOS-006 OM3 and OM4 Usage in M08 message

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Submitted by: Eric Haas Revision date: Jan 23 2014
Submitted date: Jan 23 2014 Change request ID: OO CReDOS-006
Standard/IG: Implementation Guide Artifact ID, Name: OM3 and OM4 Usage in M08 message


OM3 and OM4 Usage in M08 message are treated differently. OM2 is O in base whereas OM3 is not. They are both give additional information about results- one is for numeric and one is for non-numeric results - so why are the usages different.


Make both "RE" (preferred) in base or make both "O" in base and "RE" in info component profile.


Treat these segments that are functionally similar the same.


2014-03-18 eDOS WG call notes: Why is OM-3 being treated differently from OM2 – both convey the same type of information, one for numeric tests and one for coded results – can they be treated the same. Review the guide section 5.5.7 and 5.5.8 for more information on the use of OM2 and OM3. This really relates to OM2 and OM3 – not OM4 – OM2 is for numeric results, while OM3 is for categorical results – why do we treat the categorical differently from numeric results? Purpose is the same – make either both O or RE. For categorical may need to have the understanding of what the codes mean and how many results you can expect – slightly different from dealing with numerical results.

  1. 112: was related to RFR data type that was the start to creating the optional INFO profile
  2. 109: was withdrawn

File on wiki may have the answer to the question. Eric will do research on where the change to making OM2 Optional comes from – supporting documents in ballot are on the S&I wiki – Vendor didn’t want to receive the OM2 nor OM3

Megan thinks the segments should both be RE, because you need only one of these (OM2, OM3 and OM4) will be sent after each OM1, depending on the type of test. In base standard OM3 seems to be allowed to be used for narrative results as well – this is more constrained in the actual field descriptions – interesting why we are not using the valid coded answers (OM3-3) – for strep screen valid coded answers are positive and negative

Reference range was informational – the actual reference range to use was what is sent for the results for interpretations

Post call: Eric to research ballot reconciliation re: why OM2 segment attached to Info profile. See uploaded file print screen of ballot reconciliation uploaded post call.

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