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Submitted by: Eric Haas Revision date: Jan 23 2014
Submitted date: Jan 23 2014 Change request ID: OO CReDOS-005
Standard/IG: Implementation Guide Artifact ID, Name: Missing legends


Missing legend for message structure section:


copy following from LOI and put in section 5 preamble:

"Note that the first column (Segment) is listing the cardinality and optionality according to the base standard; the second column (Name) provides the segment or group name from the base standard, while the remaining columns (Usage, Cardinality, Description) define the constraints for this implementation guide. It is therefore possible that the base standard defines a segment as “O” (optional) with a cardinality of up to 1, while this implementation guide defines the segment in the Usage column as “R” (required) thus a cardinality of [1..1]."


Give Reader guidance on message structure tables.


Discussed 2014-03-11 eDOS WG call.

Recommended Action Items


2014-03-11 Motion: add the first two paragraphs from LRI(LOI) above the current section 5.1 in eDOS – Riki Merrick, Bob Yencha, no further discussion Vote: Against: 0, Abstain: 0, Affirmative: 9