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OO CReDOS-004 Message Structure: Brackets for RE elements

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Submitted by: Eric Haas Revision date: Jan 23 2014
Submitted date: Jan 23 2014 Change request ID: OO CReDOS-004
Standard/IG: Implementation Guide Artifact ID, Name: Message Structure: Brackets for RE elements


  1. For the M04 message NTE segment is listed as RE. Is this supposed to be O or RE if RE then NTE segment is not defined in IG.


  1. Change NTE Usage to "O" in the MO4 message structure.


Either constrain the NTE segment in IG or make O


2014-03-11 The base standard has all fields in the NTE listed as ‘O’, so from a testing perspective we cannot create test data, since all the fields in the base standard for the NTE is optional – if you have a required element, you need to put something into one of the fields. – Prefer the guide just to match NTE to LOI and LRI, where NTE-1 is R [1..1] and NTE-3 is R and [1..*].

Please provide feedback on appropriate content for NTEs in M04 message currently in the eDOS sample messages

Recommended Action Items


2014-03-11 Motion: add NTE matching LRI/LOI wich requires NTE-1 and NTE-3 in harmonization of Lab IGs – Eric Haas, Mark Jones, no further discussion Vote: Against: 0, Abstain: 0, Affirmative: 9