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Latest revision as of 15:11, 18 July 2014

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Submitted by: Hans Buitendijk Revision date: <<Revision Date>>
Submitted date: 11 September 2013 Change request ID: OO CR139-771
Standard/IG: Standard Artifact ID, Name: <<Artifact ID, Name>>


See File:OO CR139-771.docx for current proposal (due to bug in wiki software, cannot upload .doc to original version trail.)

See File:OO CR139-771.doc for proposal version history.




Recommended Action Items


Copied from call notes 5/22/2014: Alternative 1: Deprecate OBR-13 in favor of OBX/OBR, including fasting status

Alternative 2: Allow OBR-13, but allow only 1 meaning for OBR-13 – preferably for fasting status – Allow repeats, but include guidance language that a repeat of OBR-13 cannot yield a second meaning, S&I LOI recommends this option

o If we accept this, can we wait for v2.9, or do we need to request a V2.8.2

Motion to accept proposal with Alternative Two with understanding that OBR-13 may be deprecated in the future once we have more experience with OBR-13. Ken McCaslin, Diego Lopez

§ What about OBX/PID? – this proposal does NOT include support for an OBX under PID

§ For the OMC sections- did we add the clarification, that it is in the M08 message? - YES

§ Allowing use of OBR-13 does not preclude the use of AOEs? - Correct. For fasting status, if folks want to use OBR-13 this should be communicated in OMC-6.

Against: 0; Abstain: 3; In Favor: 12