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{{OO Open Change Requests}}
{{OO Accepted Change Requests}}
{{OO Open V2.8 Change Requests}}
{{OO Accepted V2.8 Change Requests}}
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== Discussion ==
== Discussion ==
**See documents for updates
== Recommended Action Items ==
**Motion to accept as amended.  Patrick Loyd, Ken McCaslin
***Against: 0; Abstain: 0; In Favor: 5
== Resolution ==
(Resolution is to be recorded here and in the referenced minutes, which are the authoritative source of resolution).

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Submitted by: Patrick Loyd - Submitted date: October 2010 Change request ID: OO CR052-681
Standard/IG: 2.8 Standard Artifact ID, Name: <<Artifact ID, Name>>


See 2.8 change request File:OO CR052-681.docx for problem definition and proposal.




  • 13-Jan-2011
    • See documents for updates
    • Motion to accept as amended. Patrick Loyd, Ken McCaslin
      • Against: 0; Abstain: 0; In Favor: 5