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OO CR-795 - TCD Segment Updates

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Submitted by: Dmytro Rud Revision date: <<Revision Date>>
Submitted date: 06 March 2014 Change request ID: OO CR-795
Standard/IG: Base Standard Artifact ID, Name: <<Artifact ID, Name>>


This CR introduces two fields in the TCD segment (Ch. 13):

  • Pool size
  • Auto-dilution type

See for details.




Recommended Action Items


11//9/2014: CR-795: Riki added Dmytro’s comment to the document- use a code instead of the factor, as it could, but doesn’t have to describe more than just a factor – TCD-2 and TCD-11 make mutually exclusive. Motion to accept proposal as documented Dmytro, Riki, no further discussion, against: 0, abstain: 4, in favor: 17(Resolution is to be recorded here and in the referenced minutes, which are the authoritative source of resolution).