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OO Behavioral Model Conceptual Specification

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Executive Summary

Business Model Conceptual Artifacts

Business Context

Business Function

Conceptual Assumptions

Conceptual Role


Storyboard Activity Diagrams

Information Model Conceptual Artifacts

Conceptual Information Model

   Provide links to the Analysis Information Model for the domain

The following classes were derived from the storyboards and use cases.

Focal Objects.png

Conceptual Data Types Model

Conceptual State Model

Concept Domains

Solution Specification

Scenario #1 - Simple Lab Order


Business Scenario

The event flow for a simple lab order is shown below


Contract Roles and Agents

The commissioning and responsible parties involved in this process include:

Specification Reference Commissioning System Role Responsible System Role Operation
Order Requestor (Placer in v2) Order Request Manager createRequest
Order Request Manager Fulfillment Manager createRequest
add add add

Computational Viewpoint

The following sequence diagram depicts the interactions that support the above event flow


Service Dependencies

   Describe any dependencies of the process being specified

The parties supporting this process are the Order Request Manager and Fulfillment Manager, depicted below

OrderRequestManagmentConceptual.png FulfillmentManagementConceptual.png

Implemented Patterns

   Indicate the any patterns that apply to this process specification

Contractual Semantics and Issues

Computational Services

Order Request Manager

Fulfillment Manager