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OO Behavioral Model Conceptual Specification

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Link back to project page BF Alpha Project

Executive Summary

Information Viewpoint

Analysis Information Model

Solution Specification

Scenario #1 - Simple Lab Order


Business Scenario

Contract Roles and Agents

Computational Viewpoint

Service Dependencies

Implemented Patterns

Contractual Semantics and Issues

Computational Services

Order Request Manager


  • Service Description and Purpose
  • Scope
  • Reason why the service is necessary

Links to Use Cases/ Storyboards

  • (optional, depending on detail in interop business scenario section

Structure of the Service

  • Organization
  • Assumptions and Dependencies
  • Implementation Considerations

<Note – at the conceptual level, you may still have high level implementation issues to consider – eg what portions of a service a Responsible Party may wish to support; considerations around a variety of commissioning agents, etc>

Detailed Functional Model for Each Operation




Conceptual Information Objects




Exception Conditions

Aspects left for Technical Bindings (optional)

Reference to Functional Profiles (optional)



  • Introduction
  • Functional Profiles
  • Information Profiles

Recommendations for Conformance and Compliance