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==Meeting adjourned 3:14 PM EDT==
==Meeting adjourned 3:14 PM EDT==
==Next Meeting: August 25, 2010==
==Next Meeting: August 25, 2010==
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Latest revision as of 15:51, 22 September 2010

O&O Behavioral Framework Conference Call 3pm Eastern Time (Date above)


Loyd, Constable, Duteau


  • Progress to Date
  • Next Meeting
  • What's been posted and where


  • Patrick has made progress on the document. Will work another week before sending to this group for review for next meeting
  • Next meeting in two weeks; will be reviewing progress and discussion points from document
  • Patrick is updating the wiki today with minutes from prior meetings, updated links to posted documents (and Patrick did post an interim v1.2 document to svn, available via wiki link).

Meeting adjourned 3:14 PM EDT

Next Meeting: August 25, 2010

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