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OOBF CC 20100310

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O&O Behavioral Framework Conference Call 3pm Eastern Time (Date above)


Loyd, Kreisler, Constable, Walker, Vinion


  • Status
  • Reminder: Changing calls from weekly to every other week, skipping next week


  • Status
  1. General questions and answers. Authoring team has not been able to work on document since last meeting.
  2. Fulfillment – initiated seems named wrong, supports a bidding process

Need to look at, shouldn’t bidding be completely separate?

Graphing – group is used to decomposing exchanges using swim-lane diagrams. Suggest we produce both types (what’s current shown is ‘service-type’ diagrams, not sure what that exactly means) but need to figure out what information is best shown using each and determine if SAIF BF artifacts need to include both for differing reasons.

Document starts too complicated. Need to start with simplest use case, fulfillment currently includes the auctioning process flow which isn’t even in use now.

Meeting adjourned 3:45 PM EDT

Next Meeting: March 24, 2010

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