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*Documents are primarily located at OASIS [ HAVE SC documents page]
*Documents are primarily located at OASIS [ HAVE SC documents page]
*Draft PSS: [[Media:OASIS HAVE PSS 2017-07-06.docx]]

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Project Information

A link to the Project Insight Searchable Database entry will be added when the project is registered. In the mean time ...

To jointly publish the OASIS Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) Hospital AVailability Exchange(HAVE) Version 2.0 (EDXL-HAVE) standard, specifically including materials on how EDXL-HAVE can interoperate with HL7 standards

Meeting Information

  • Meetings are held by OASIS Emergency Management TC / HAVE SC. The meetings and calendar are open to the public


  • 2017-07-09 Establishing the HL7 Project. Most of the work has already been done in the HAVE SC

Issues/Hot Topics

  • none

Project Documents