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|Present||Hatem, John||GD||Director, Healthcare Product Strategy, Oracle Corporation - Healthcare||
|Present||Hatem, John||GD||Director, Healthcare Product Strategy, Oracle Corporation - Healthcare||
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Minutes HL7 Nurse Group January 17 2017, HL7 WGM in San Antonio


  • Laura welcomes everyone to the Nurse Group meeting during the HL7 WGM in San Antonio. We have a full room with several new faces. We started with introductions.

Agenda There is no agenda prepared. the items that were discussed were:

    • Evaluation NI2016
    • Meeting in Madrid, reach out to the nurse community in Madrid.
    • Week before the HL7 WGM the p-health conference in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.
    • First attendees, nurses among this group.
    • School Nurse Functional Profile.

Evaluation NI2016

During the Nursing Informatics 2016 conference in Geneva, June 2016, a showcase connectathon was held in where HL7 members were involved. Pat gave presentations about HL7 and the role of nurses within HL7. It was new for this conference to organize a showcase connectathon, but it went well. There enough attendees, but could be more. Seven vendors partipated but were not really connected. The question that is still open is:'do we want to be involved in the next showcase during NI2018'? this needs to be dicussed during the HL7 WGM in Madrid.

Meeting in Madrid, reach out to the nurse community in Madrid.

Pat want to take the initiative to reach out to the nursing community in Madrid so they are trigged to attend the HL7 WGM in Madrid. Maybe we need to prepare a presentation to tell nurses about the role of nurses in HL7, including the International perspective. A week before the HL7 WGM there is a p-Health conference in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. This maybe a reason to go to the HL7 WGM and get funding. More information on their website

First attendees, nurses among this group.

How to reach out to nurses within HL7 and to those that are first attendees. Demographics are not collected from members, so we don't know if there are nurses between first attendees. There was a discussion on this and on the tutorial for first attendees. Some people are not satisfied with the way this is organized at this moment. some ideas were brought forward. As a group we have a Listserve people can subscribe to, we have a wiki page with information and minutes people can have a look at. Mentorship for first attendees would help, one of the nurses brought forward that having a person that can help with questions etc really helps to get familiar with the HL7 world. mother idea was to have information on the nurse group on the registration page.

Presentation HL7 plenary Wednesday 13 May William presented the plans for the NI2016 showcase during the HL7 WGM in one of the morning sessions. Also Laura mentioned the NI2016 showcase during the joined meeting with several HL7 work groups on Monday Q3.

School Nurse Functional Profile John Ritter, co-chair of the EHR WG gave a short insight of the idea of developing a Functional Profile on School Nurses. He asked the group for endorsement for this initiative. Ideas that were brought forward were: reach out to vendors that have already a system for School Nurses, special attention for foster children, ask Dan Pollack for suggestions (invite him to the EHR WG. the group didn't want to give an endorsement, they didn't felt to have the expertise to do so. another argument is that we don't know if we are allowed to do this as an informal group.


Attending Name Initiaal Company/Affiliation Email Address
Present Goossen, William WG Results 4 Care, IMIA NI Representative NL
Present Goossen, Anneke AG Results 4 Care
Present Heermann Langford, Laura LH Director of Nursing Informatics, Intermountain Healthcare, Co-chair HL7 Patient Care and Emergency WG, IHE Patient Care Coordination, PCC
Present Van Dyke, Patricia PD Director, EDI, HL7 Co-chair EHR WG
Absent Reeves, Dianne DR NIH/NCI, HL7 Co-chair Clinical Interoperability Council (CIC)
Absent Frean, Isobel IF Head of Health Infomatics, Corporate Medical, Bupa
Present Jones, Emma EJ Senior Business Analyst at Allscripts
Present Lasome, Caterina CL
Present Coleman, Tracey TC Allscripts
Present Ritter, John JR Verizon
Present Terry, May MT Flatiron Health
Present Hoang, Catherine CH Dept of Veteran Affairs
Present Taylor, Sheryl ST Booz Allen Hamilton
Present Visceglia, Mary MV NCCN
Present Leftwich, Russ RL TN eHealth
Present Nordo, Amyt AN Duke University
Present Dolin, Gaye GD Intelligent Medical Objects, IMO
Absent Hammond, Ed EH Duke University
Present Hatem, John GD Director, Healthcare Product Strategy, Oracle Corporation - Healthcare