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NurseGroup:201501 minutes

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Minutes HL7 Nurse Group May 12 2015, HL7 WGM in Paris


  • Patricia welcomes everyone to the Nurse Group meeting during the HL7 WGM in Paris.

Agenda The PSS of the NI2016 showcase was approved by the TSC. The only item on the agenda this meeting will be the showcase connectathon during the Nursing Informatics conference June 2016, NI2016. See for more information about the conference

Going through the To Do list on Basecamp On Basecamp a To Do list is created by Sandy. We went through this list so see what has been done, plan to do the actions on the list and by whom. The link to Basecamp is However, only someone that is invited can access Basecamp.

  • Weekly or bi-weekly conference calls to organize by Sandy. William will ask her to organize this starting Monday May 18th.
  • Number of vendors we need: minimum of three. We need an update of Sandy on to which vendors see talked during HIMSS (Europe). We need to engage with them now. Possible vendors are Allscripts, Cerner, Epic. A theme can attract and will help vendors. The theme of NI2016 is 'eHealth for all'. Theme's that possible attract vendors are analytics, interoperability. John will think about a buzz word.
  • HIMSS: Sandy has been involved with HIMSS connectathons, North American connectathon (January 2015), European Connectathon (April 2015)and HIMSS Europe starts today (May 12). Was eCare plan tested at IHE connectathon? Whether eCare plan is taken up in clinical practice or not is unknown.
  • What do nurses do: Discharge planning, Admission, Internal transfer, Care plan transfer itself, Continuity of care into a nursing facility/home care nursing, Transfer of patient, Transfer of record. So also general use cases can be used during the showcase. Possible sources are IHE profiles from Patient Care Coordination, C-CDA care plan document for MU3 and FHIR – 3 profiles (Emma).
  • Marketing: For marketing purposes we need to have a sponsor contract (William), a monthly marketing update (Sandy), a monthly update of the wiki (Anneke), look for 2016 Buzz word for vendors to attract them (John), create the 3-5 lines message on this event for HL7 leadership to include in all communications (Anneke), and have a 1 letter size (1 A4) on the project (Patrick).
  • Logistics: for the logistics of the showcase we defined several actions. Exhibition Floor Plan and Network and Electrical Submitted to Exhibit Services (Patrick), List of vendors participating (worldwide) (Sandy), talk to HL7 leadership to advertise this (Patricia), how to show that we have our HL7 hats on during the event and Promotional materials of the various sponsoring organizations (John).
  • Technical Management: Use Case Selection (& Development if necessary) and completion (Laura & Anneke), all about testing (Ursula), AV / Props / Graphics Planned (Sandy), Welcome presentation complete (Nick), Care Plan Profile IHE (Laura), Define goals / purposes for nurses for the showcase (Patricia) and GO LIVE (William).
  • We need to start sponsor calls at a certain moment. William and Anneke will arrange these.

Presentation HL7 plenary Wednesday 13 May William presented the plans for the NI2016 showcase during the HL7 WGM in one of the morning sessions. Also Laura mentioned the NI2016 showcase during the joined meeting with several HL7 work groups on Monday Q3.

Next face to face meeting In october in Atlanta during the HL7 WGM, tuesday Q0.


Attending Name Initiaal Company/Affiliation Email Address
Present Goossen, William WG Results 4 Care, IMIA NI Representative NL
Present Goossen, Anneke AG Results 4 Care
Present Heermann Langford, Laura LH Director of Nursing Informatics, Intermountain Healthcare, Co-chair HL7 Patient Care and Emergency WG, IHE Patient Care Coordination, PCC
Present Van Dyke, Patricia PD Director, EDI, HL7 Co-chair EHR WG
Absent Reeves, Dianne DR NIH/NCI, HL7 Co-chair Clinical Interoperability Council (CIC)
Absent Frean, Isobel IF Head of Health Infomatics, Corporate Medical, Bupa
Present Jones, Emma EJ Senior Business Analyst at Allscripts
Absent Weber, Patrick PW Nice Computing, NI2016 Local Organizing Committee (LOC)
Absent Sensmeier, Joyce JS VP Informatics at HIMSS, NI2016 Supportive committee
Absent Hübner, Ursula Hertha UB Prof. Dr. bei Fachhochschule Osnabrück, Germany
Absent Sharma, Rajendra RS The Coding Institute
Absent Whitewood-Moores, Zac ZWM Health and Social Care Information Centre
Absent Taylor, Sheryl ST Booz Allen Hamilton
Absent Vance, Sandra SV HIMSS
Absent Leftwich, Russ RL TN eHealth
Absent Rubini, Juliet JR Mathematica
Present Dolin, Gaye GD Intelligent Medical Objects, IMO
Absent Hammond, Ed EH Duke University
Present Hatem, John GD Director, Healthcare Product Strategy, Oracle Corporation - Healthcare