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(New page: =Security Working Group Meeting= * Meeting Information ==Attendees== (expected) * [ Bernd Blobel] Security Co-chair * [mailto:mike.davis@va...)
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==Attendees== (expected)
==Attendees== (expected)
* [ Bernd Blobel] Security Co-chair
* [ Mike Davis] Security Co-chair
* [ Mike Davis] Security Co-chair
* [ Frank Din]
* [ Frank Din]

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Security Working Group Meeting

==Attendees== (expected)

Agenda & Meeting Minutes

  1. (05 min) Roll Call
  2. (05 min) Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda
  3. (50 min) Group Homework Discussion from (HL7 Security GForge Document Manager) a. Constraint Catalog; b. Confidentiality Matrix
  • Definition for ‘Purpose of Use’ requested by R.Thoreson
    • Clarification for Column H requested ‘Confidentiality Related To Health Information Access restrictions placed on a record of health information’ {D-Clinician, I-Individual, N-Normal}
      • confirm Confidentiality is pertaining to ‘’’who’’’ the constraint is being applied to i.e. Clinician or Individual.
      • Normal confirm that this is a ‘default’ setting otherwise, please clarify.

(0 min) Semantic Interoperability Presentation (Rob McClure) 11/18 note: Tony Weida may speak to topic otherwise will be postponed to next week’s meeting) ‘’*POSTPONED*’’

Action Items

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