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November 2, 2011 Behavioral Health CCD Project Conference Call

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Financial Management Working Group Call for the Behavioral Health CCD Project

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Agenda Topics

  1. Roll Call, approve minutes October 5th Conference Call, call for agenda items


Kathleen chaired the call.

  • Participants did a preliminary review of the Annotated CCD for Behavioral Health by Alschuler Associates (now Lantana Consulting) and Apelon June 2010, which provided extremely helpful information on how the CCD can be used to support DSM IV as well as some of the gaps and areas for potential extension.
  • Participants welcomed Dr. Steven Daviss, MD, who joined the group to provide clinician perspective. Discussed the need for more information about use of BH CCD for clinical care, especially what clinicians would want in transfer and coordination of care summary documents. The project’s goal is to reuse as much of the BH CCD for each use case as possible while minimizing information sent to that needed by the recipient. In particular, some states may need to restrict disclosure of certain social history observations, e.g., criminal history or abuse. This might require using Confidentiality Codes at the section level. Another requirement may be the need to flag redacted information. Several use cases were described, which will need validation, prioritization, and more details about what CCD sections may be most relevant:
    • BH Provider to BH Provider
    • BH Provider to Primary Care Provider who is also providing BH services
    • BH Provider to Primary Care Provider who is not also providing BH services
    • Primary Care Provider to BH Provider
    • BH to BH Health Plan for transition or referral to another BH Provider
    • BH Health Plan for transition of care or referral to BH Provider
  • We discussed the need for developing core data set that supports TEDS and DIG Grants. Questions were raised about the ability of the CCD value sets to support e.g., Veteran status and other Social History codes (see screen shots from C80 and AZ Demographic User Guide below.) Also noted is the need to track the ONC Standards and Interoperability CDA Consolidation Project to ensure that changes will not impact support for a Behavioral Health CCD based on Meaningful Use requirements.
  • Jim Kretz and Richard Thoreson will be reaching out to NLM and Regenstrief for guidance on development of SNOMED and LOINC value sets for these purposes.
  • Project participants will review the Annotated CCD for Behavioral Health document for further discussion during next Wednesday’s call on November 9th.

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