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Normative Edition 2018 Review List by WG

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Draft Normative Edition 2017 By WG Content Listing – (Publishing WG)

Image Legend

Confirmed inclusion in NE 2017
– Item has been Confirmed for Inclusion in NE 2018
Confirmed exclusion from NE 2017
– Item has been Confirmed as Excluded in NE 2018
Potential Inclusion in NE 2017
– Item MAY or MAY NOT be included in NE 2018

Link Legend

  • Ballot Item Name links will take you to the ballot summary page in the Ballot Desktop. CoChairs who are logged in to the Ballot Desktop can use this link to quickly jump to the Ballot Summary page to upload reconciliation spreadsheets or email Negative Voters.
  • WG Links will take you to the WG Leadership page on the HL7 web site. You can use this link to quickly determine who the CoChairs for the indicated WGs are.

Please make note the following deadlines:

In order for content to be included in a Normative Edition, the Request to Publish form for that content MUST be submitted to the TSC by nine weeks after the January WGM. The deadline for this year is March 25, 2018. Note: reconciliation activities must be completed before the Request to Publish is submitted.
If you need help with reconciliation advice, start with the General Overview of Reconciliation
Final Content Deadline: Sunday, April 22nd.

Approvals Review list

Clinical Genomics

Confirmed Inclusion in NE 2018

Reaffirmation of HL7 Version 3 Standard: Clinical Genomics; Pedigree, Release 1 (ANSI/HL7 V3 CGPED, R1-2007 (R2017)) Clinical Genomics]: This reaffirmed standard is approved by ANSI. This item will be included in NE 2018.