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Normative Edition

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A Normative Edition (NE) is a publication of the HL7 V3 standard documentation which contains the latest normative versions of all domains.

From an implementer's perspective the Development Edition is a stable specification. In addition to the standards specification, the Normative Edition includes copies of the HL7 Tools and Source files used to create the NE.

The Normative Edition is published once a year (ideally in the first quarter, but in reality later than this). Normative Editions have been published for 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009. The V3 Normative Edition 2009 is now available and has been distributed to HL7 Members. CD Copies are available in the HL7 Bookstore on the HL7 Web Site. You can review the expected Normative Edition 2010 Content list here: Potential NE 2010 Content List. If you have updates to this list, please contact the V3 Publishing WG.

The Normative Edition is available to all members from, or for affiliates from their affiliate organisations. Methods of distribution and any costs vary between affiliates, so see your local affiliate website or contact the affiliate organization to obtain a copy.

See also: Development Edition

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