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==Project Documents==
==Project Documents==
* [[Negation Requirements Statement]]
* [Media: file | Use Cases]
<noinclude>==Categorization== </noinclude>
<noinclude>==Categorization== </noinclude>

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Project Information

Scope Statement

Scope: Provide a set of classified requirements for the representation of negated clinical data, which standards developers can use to confirm coverage of requirements, demonstrate recommended patterns, and identify out-of-specification patterns.

Need: The ways current interoperability standards handle negation, or propose to do so,

  • are inconsistent & may not support transformations among different standards
  • may not support representation requirements
  • may not support computation requirements

Having a consistently articulated set of clinical requirements will allow standards designers to confirm support for these requirements and to provide clear guidance on recommended and prohibited patterns.

Meeting Information


  • Provide feedback to CIMI & PC

Issues/Hot Topics

Project Documents