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==Meeting Information==
==Meeting Information==
*Link to call [http://www.hl7.org/concalls/CallDetails.aspx?concall=36626 project meeting schedule] (Summer 2017)
* Link to call [http://www.hl7.org/concalls/CallDetails.aspx?concall=36626 project meeting schedule] (Summer 2017)
*[[Negation Minutes|Minutes ]]
* Link to call: Fall 2017 planning in process
* [[Negation Minutes|Minutes ]]

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Project Information

Scope Statement

Scope: Provide a set of classified requirements for the representation of negated clinical data, which standards developers can use to confirm coverage of requirements, demonstrate recommended patterns, and identify out-of-specification patterns.

Need: The ways current interoperability standards handle negation, or propose to do so,

  • are inconsistent & may not support transformations among different standards
  • may not support representation requirements
  • may not support computation requirements

Having a consistently articulated set of clinical requirements will allow standards designers to confirm support for these requirements and to provide clear guidance on recommended and prohibited patterns.

Meeting Information


  1. Complete collection of content requirements (examples) - Done
  2. Classify content examples - in process
  3. Collect consumption requirements - in process
    1. UI
    2. Query
    3. CDS
  4. Classify consumption requirements -
  5. Collect compatibility requirements
    1. V2, RIM, FHIR, CIMI, DL
  6. Identify other requirements
  7. Create outline
  8. Draft guidelines
    1. Review requirements & guidelines with design teams
  9. Draft document - First draft by September WG; identify roles for review & revision
  10. Revise document - submit NIB in October

Issues/Hot Topics

  1. TermInfo currently responding to FHIR request regarding PC requirement for "no known allergies" in Allergy resource.
  2. CIMI on threshold of addressing a pattern for absent findings, other 'negation' topics.
    1. Pattern follows SCT: evaluations of observables may have negative results; Assertions may have 'absent' context values

Project Documents