Negation Glossary

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  • Finding. A fact asserted about a patient.
    • Stedman's: "A clinically significant observation, usually used in relation to one found on physical examination or laboratory test."
  • Modifier. A concept that changes the meaning of another concept. E.g, to say that a patient has a "family history of" diabetes does not state that the patient has diabetes. Compare Qualifier.
  • Negation: the logical operation of asserting the falsehood of a proposition, or a proposition that is the negative of some other proposition.
    • SKMT: indicator specifying tha tthe Act statement is a negatoin of the Act as described by the descriptive (HL7)
    • SKMT: string which, when added to a term, changes the meaning of the term in the clinical sense (ISO)
  • Observable. A property that may be assessed and characterized in terms of a result value.
    • SKMT: Hierarchy in SNOMED CT which represents a question about something which may be observed or measured. (SCT)
  • Post-coordinated. The quality of being composed of separate concept identifiers. Post-coordination can be achieved either in expression syntaxes defined by code systems for the creation of valid post-coordinated concepts or in model elements with model bindings that articulate how the respective element values are related.
    • SKMT: Representation of a clinical meaning using a combination of two or more concept identifiers (SCT; Candidate)
  • Pre-coordinated. The quality of being composed of a single concept identifier, as defined in a code system.
    • SKMT: compositional concept representation (2.4.1) within a formal system (2.5.1), with an equivalent single unique identifier (ISO)
  • Qualifier. A concept that refines another concept within its semantic scope. E.g, a "left" arm is still an arm. Compare Modifier.
    • SKMT: string which, when added to a term, changes the meaning of the term in a temporal or administrative sense (ISO)