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NLM - FHIR services on VSAC

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Currently, the service is based on FHIR v1.8.0 with the support of CapabilityStatement/Conformance as well as ValueSet and CodeSystem. Also, we will update our service to base on the latest FHIR spec on a regular basis. The service has a home page to show examples to use these resources. You can use any code systems/versions listed in the CapabilityStatement ( ). There are a few sample value sets created for FHIR connectathon testing, but you can also use all the value sets in the VSAC repository.

Base URL:

From prior Connectathons (need to verify if still true): Any value set and code system in the VSAC QA environment can be used with the listed operations. If you have a VSAC user account, you can go to VSAC QA to identify a value set and run the operations. Please note that you can also use the VSAC code system syntax with $lookup operations.