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NHSN HAI R3D1.1 Comments

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24th August 2016 - NHSN HAI R3D1.1 Available for Comment

An update has been made to the NHSN HAI CDA Implementation Guide.

This update is NHSN Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Reports Release 3, DSTU 1.1—US Realm, 1st Update to 1st HL7 Draft Standard for Trial Use (DSTU) (NHSN HAI R3D1.1). This update is available to HL7 members here: as a point release for commenting prior to reconciliation and publication.

As a DSTU update, this new version will not go through the usual HL7 balloting process but will use the DSTU Update process with industry review on the HL7 wiki.

The full list of changes in this release is documented in the update and can be summarized as:

Three reports were revised:

  1. HAI Evidence of Infection (Dialysis) Report (V5)
  2. Hemovigilance (HV) Summary Report (V2)
  3. HAI AUR Antimicrobial Resistance Option (ARO) Report (V4)

Two new templates were added:

  1. Blood Sample Collected for Culture Observation
  2. Pathogen Reduced Apheresis Platelet Usage Summary Observation

Fourteen templates were revised:

  1. Antimicrobial Susceptibility Result Observation (V3)
  2. Antimicrobial Susceptibility Result Organizer (V3)
  3. Antimicrobial Susceptibility Tests Organizer (V3)
  4. Blood Product Usage Summary Observation (V2)
  5. Facility Transfuses Blood Products Treated with Pathogen Reduction Technology Observation (V2)
  6. Infection Indicator Organizer (V4)
  7. ISBT Product Code Summary Observation (V2)
  8. Isolate Susceptibility Tests Organizer (V3)
  9. IV Antibiotic Start Clinical Statement (V3)
  10. Specimen Collection Procedure (ARO) (V3)
  11. Summary Encounter (HV) (V2)
  12. Details Section in an Evidence of Infection (Dialysis) Report (V5)
  13. Findings Section in an ARO Report (V3)
  14. Summary Data Section (HV) (V2)

Twelve new value sets were added:

  1. NHSN Red Blood Cells/Whole Blood Derived/S-303-Treated
  2. NHSN Red Blood Cells/Whole Blood Derived/Riboflavin-Treated
  3. NHSN Red Blood Cells/Apheresis/S-303-Treated
  4. NHSN Red Blood Cells/Apheresis/Riboflavin-Treated
  5. NHSN Cryoprecipitate/Psoralen-Treated
  6. NHSN Cryoprecipitate/Riboflavin-Treated
  7. NHSN Platelets/Apheresis/Psoralen-Treated and In Plasma
  8. NHSN Platelets/Apheresis/Psoralen-Treated and In Platelet Additive Solution
  9. NHSN Platelets/Apheresis/Riboflavin-Treated and In Plasma
  10. NHSN Platelets/Apheresis/Riboflavin-Treated and In Platelet Additive Solution
  11. NHSNPathogenReducedApheresisPlateletUsage
  12. NHSNDrugSusceptibilityTestMethod

Six value sets were revised:

  1. NHSNHealthcareServiceLocationCode
  2. NHSNPathogenCode
  3. NHSNSpecimenTypeCode
  4. NHSNDrugSusceptibilityTestsCode
  5. NHSNCdiffTestMethod
  6. NHSNCriterionOfDiagnosisCode

During the two week comment period running from Wednesday 24 August 2016 - Wednesday 7 September 2016, please submit your comments on this page, including at least your name, item, existing wording, proposed wording, and comment. Thank you.


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