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NHSN HAI R2D2.2 Comments

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30th September 2014 - NHSN R2D2.1 Available for Comments

An update has been made to the NHSN Healthcare Associated Infection Reports, Release 2, US Realm, September 2013, 2nd DSTU Ballot (NHSN HAI R2D2). This update is available to HL7 members here as a point release named NHSN HAI R2D2.1 for commenting prior to reconciliation and publication. As a DSTU update, this new version will not go through the usual HL7 balloting process but will use the DSTU Update process with industry review on the HL7 wiki. The full list of changes in this release is documented in the update and can be summarized as:

  1. No reports were added or removed.
  2. Eleven new templates were added:
    1. Antimicrobial Coated Catheter Used Observation
    2. Bacterial Isolate Tested for Carbapenemase Observation
    3. Blood Collection Location
    4. Carbapenemase Test Observation
    5. Carbapenemase Test Organizer
    6. Carbapenemase Type Identified Observation
    7. Contraindication Type Observation
    8. Last Physical Overnight Location
    9. Other Facility Discharge Encounter
    10. Positive Test for Carbapenemase Observation
    11. Primary C. Difficile Testing Method This Quarter
  3. One new value set was added:
    1. NHSNArDrugSuscTestsCode (2.16.840.1.114222.4.11.7230)

During the two week comment period running from 1st October 2014 - 14th October 2014, please submit your comments below including at least your name, item, existing wording, proposed wording, and comment. Thank you.


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From Brett Marquard:

Antimicrobial Coated Catheter Used Observation

I recognize you can conform to problem observation, but I am wondering if it makes sense. My initial reaction is this should stand on its own.

Bacterial Isolate Tested for Carbapenemase Observation

same question as above. Also

Blood Collection Location

same as above.

Carbapenemase Test Observation Why is the id forced to NA?. I would expect this to have an id.

Please create value set for CONF:1129-30389. Or remove.

Why is the value NA? What is effectiveTime NA? Do you want to add text to the entry description that this is just to record the test was done, no results are provided. I would think at minimum you would want time…

Do you want to add a STATIC date to NHSNCarbaTestMethod?

Carbapenemase Type Identified Observation –

Why no effectiveTime or id?

Contraindication Type Observation

Spelling of section is off.

Drop conformance to problem observation

The negatoinInd and entryRelationship here is very confusing. I recommend writing out a few sentences here describing what you are trying to say…

Last Physical Overnight Location –

I don’t think the use of Encounter is correct here – encounter/code should be encounter type “last physical overnight’ doesn’t is unclear.. An Act wrapping the encounter would be better…

Other Facility Discharge Encounter

same issues as last physical encounter.

Positive Test for Carbapenemase Observation

Why does this conform to problem observation instead of result? Why is this a standalone template? Did you consider a conforms to the carbapenamase test observation?

Primary C. Difficile Testing Method This Quarter

drop conforms to.

NHSNArDrugSuscTestsCode (2.16.840.1.114222.4.11.7230)

do you want to add a STATIC date?