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Model Interchange Format

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Glossary definition: The Model Interchange Format (MIF) is a set of XML formats used to support the storage and exchange of artifacts as part of the the HL7 version 3 development process (as defined in the HDF). The formats are defined by a set inter-related schemas. The MIF serves to document the HL7 metamodel, identifying all data elements of interest to version 3, as well as indicating correspondance to the UML meta-model.

MIF 2.0

Version 2.0 of the MIF is a project intended to update the MIF to fully cover all present and anticipated HL7 artifacts, enhance MIF readability and ensure full alignment to UML. The HL7 tool suite will migrate to this new version of the MIF over the coming year (2006-2007).

Peer Review

The tooling committee is seeking review of the appropriateness of the MIF revisions and enhancements found in MIF 2.0. This includes appropriateness for representing existing artifacts, support for envisioned or desired artifacts or extensions to existing artifacts, usefulness for implementation with tools and appropriate UML mapping.

To achieve this review, the tooling committee is hosting a peer review of the MIF schemas. This review is open to all HL7 members (and to any non-members who are interested in contributing their thoughts).

This peer review will be held in two sections:

  • Package #1: Focused on static models including CMETs, Datatypes as well as models for the RIM, DMIMS, RMIMS, HMDs and Message Types
  • Package #2: Everything else.

The content for package #1 peer review can be found [here].

Peer review comments may either be submitted using the form included in the peer review package or at the wiki MIF Package 1 Peer Review site


  • The package #1 review opens on Thursday May 11th, 2006.
  • An initial Q&A session to help reviewers in evaluating the document will be held on the tooling call on Thursday June 1st, 2006.
  • Peer review submissions are due for submission to the [HL7 Tooling list] or [Lloyd McKenzie] no later than Monday, June 11.
  • The walkthrough of the package #1 peer review responses will be conducted on the tooling call on June 15th.

The schedule for the package #2 review will be anounced at the completion of the package #1 review

Tooling call information:

  • Thursdays, 10am Eastern Time
  • Phone Number: +1 973-582-2813
  • Participant PassCode: 946251#