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MnM Minutes WGM 201901 SanAntonio

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MnM 2019 Jan San Antonio WGM Minutes

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Wed Q1 Joint w/ Vocab & FHIR-I

Wed Q2 Joint w/ Vocab

Wed Q3 FHIR Data Type & Methodology issues - Joint w/FHIR-I


  • Lloyd McKenzie (chair)
  • Ron Shapiro (scribe)
  • Jean Duteax
  • Reuben Daniels
  • Yunwei Wang
  • Rick Geimer
  • Grahame Grieve (for Tracker Items)


  • Plans for R5
  • Abstract Data Types R2
  • Tracker Items

Plans for R5

  • Review non-Normative data types
    • Signature - need input from Security
    • SampleData - need input from OO
    • Attachment.hash
      • discussion about SHA1, in some countries, they are forbidden from using SHA1
      • Rueben will add a tracker to propose adding Attachement.hashAlgorithm as a code set (including SHA512)
    • Age - will check to see if this one has been used
    • Distance - look at removing this data type
    • Count - look at removing this data type

Abstract Data Types R2

  • extension for reaffirmation ballot in January 2018
  • extension only went until February 2018
  • we had one negative and so when it concluded September 20, 2018, it was withdrawn
  • we need to reballot the Abstract Data Types R2
    • we need to create a PSS to reballot Abstract Data Types R2
    • PSS needs to be fully approved by April 7th, 2019 in order to make September 2019 ballot
    • we will need to update value sets to reflect current content and replace links to external terminologies with current references
    • Motion to approve PSS: Jean Duteau/Ron Shapiro: 5-0-0

Tracker Items

  • Tracker #13535 - FHIR Resources used to hold data supplied from C-CDA entries need a place to represent act status - Not Persuasive
  • Tracker #19344 - Consider moving MedicationRequest.priority to Dosage or Timing
    • Jean will write up a white-paper describing the issue and Grahame will post on blog and seek implementor feedback