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=== Attendance ===
=== Attendance ===
Lloyd Mckenzie
* Lloyd Mckenzie
Ted Klein
* Ted Klein
Jean Duteau
* Jean Duteau
Abigail Watson
* Abigail Watson
Eric Haas
* Eric Haas
Rob Hausam
* Rob Hausam
Russ Hamm
* Russ Hamm
Grahame Grieve
* Grahame Grieve
== Agenda ==
== Agenda ==

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MnM 2018 Jan New Orleans WGM Minutes

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Mon Q3 - Future of V3


  • Jean Duteau (chair)
  • Abdul-Malik Shakir
  • Mead Walker

Future of V3 - Discussion of existing MnM V3 Items

  • Abstract Datatypes R2 - was reaffirmed and passed. We will need to re-re-affirm in 2022.
  • RIM - was changed to be a periodic ballot and there have been no structural vocabulary changes. We will continue to look at the structural vocabulary changes and act accordingly. Assuming no changes, we will need to re-affirm the latest RIM in 2022.
  • Core Principles R2 - passed with one negative vote. Reconciliation of the ballot has been done and the changes will be made and published. We will need to re-affirm this in 2023.
  • CMETs needs to be re-affirmed.

Future of V3 - Discussion of new V3 items

  • AMS suggested a proposal to create a product-family-agnostic Core Principles.
  • AMS wondered about a proposal to incorporate the CMETs inline into the various models. Can this be done via machine processing so that no reballoting of material needs to happen?

Reconciliation of Core Principles V2 Ballot

  • Mead/AMS - move to accept all A-T: 2-0-0
  • AMS/Mead - move to accept the dispositions for the Negative comments as document in the spreadsheet: 2-0-0

Mon Q4 - Joint w/ FHIR-I - Workflow

Wed Q1 Joint w/ Vocab & FHIR-I

  • See vocabulary minutes

Wed Q2 Joint w/ Vocab

  • See vocabulary minutes

Wed Q3 FHIR QA Criteria & trackers

  • Non Quorate (only Ron Shapiro & Lloyd McKenzie in attendance)

Thur Q1 - Future of v3

  • Non Quorate (none in attendance)

Thur Q2 - FHIR trackers

  • Non Quorate (only Ron Shapiro & Lloyd McKenzie in attendance)



  • Lloyd Mckenzie
  • Ted Klein
  • Jean Duteau
  • Abigail Watson
  • Eric Haas
  • Rob Hausam
  • Russ Hamm
  • Grahame Grieve