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MnM Minutes WGM 201705 Madrid

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MnM 2017 May Madrid WGM Minutes

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Mon Q3


  • Jean Duteau (chair)
  • Ron Shapiro (minutes)
  • Lloyd McKenzie, William Goosen, Alexander Henket, Hugh Glover, Dave Shaver

Discussion of V3 Balloting and Publishing

Wed Q3


  • Lloyd McKenzie (chair)
  • Ron Shapiro (minutes)

FHIR QA criteria

  • work on FHIR Conformance QA Guidelines document
  • make plans for creating a new QA tracking spreadsheet for other WGs to use
    • this will expand on the current FHIR FMM/QA Tracking Spreadsheet
    • new spreadsheet will transpose the tracking tab on the current spreadsheet (resources will become rows instead of columns)
    • new spreadsheet will include a new tab for each section of the FHIR Conformance QA Guidelines

Thu Q1


  • Jean Duteau (chair/minutes)
  • Ron Shapiro, William Goosen, Lynn Laakso

Review of M&M Projects and Core Products

  • Data Types - Abstract Specification, R2 reaffirm
    • fill in the form
    • get project approved
    • reaffirmation ballot
  • Core Principles, R1 reaffirm - close
  • Re-Ballot Core Principles R2
    • reconcile the previous negative comments
    • reballot
  • Creation of an IG for use of Negation Indicators - close
  • CMET Clean Up Work - close
    • create new CMET R4 Project
    • expires 7/5/2018 - start now
    • determine which CMETs to ballot as a group
    • by then we will have to reballot some set of CMETs - Pharmacy/CPMs
  • RIM Balloting - change back to periodic ballot
    • expires 2021 - start next year
    • determine if structured vocabulary has changed
    • reaffirm or reballot as necessary
  • Data Types R3 - close
  • IR4H Methodology Design - close
  • 1268 - FHIR Methodology and data types maintenance - close
  • Motion:
    • Approve Project 1283 (Data types R2)
    • Archive Project 1281 (Core Principles R1), 1135 (Negation IG), 887 (CMET Clean up), 750 (Data types R3)
    • Create a new Project for balloting CMET R4
    • Close Project 809 (IR4H Methodology), Project 1268 (FHIR Methodology)
    • Change RIM Balloting back to a Periodic ballot from annual
    • William/Ron : 2-0-0
  • get every workgroup to review their V3 products and determine their status
  • determine if any workgroup has plans of balloting a new V3 product

Thu Q2


  • Lloyd McKenzie (chair)
  • Ron Shapiro (minutes)
  • William Jones

FHIR Methodology and Data Types Maintenance project (#1268)

  • Motion to extend this project for 2 more years
  • Ron Shapiro/William Jones: 2-0-0

FHIR QA criteria

Thu Q5 - Facilitator's Roundtable

Harmonization Dates

  • July 11th-12th
  • Initial Proposals: June 16th
  • Final Proposals: July 7th
  • QA of updated vocabulary: July 23rd
  • Publish of new vocabulary: July 30th

Future of Harmonization

  • Universal Terminology Governance Process project
    • move to a continuous vocabulary updating cycle
    • independent model unified across all products
    • mid-2018
    • any contentious issues could be held in-person at the Roundtable session at the next WGM or in an ad-hoc meeting

Vocabulary Happenings

  • Publishing of Vocabulary
    • we have been publishing the 2014 vocabulary and no one has noticed
    • Lynn is going back to the 2014 vocabulary and re-applying the changes since then
  • Large Harmonization Vocabulary Items
    • international patient summary implementation guide will have a couple of big ones
    • Structured Documents will have various proposals
    • Public Health will have a small one
    • Orders & Observations will have some v2
  • FHIR Vocabulary
    • FHIR Required and Extensible vocabulary should be grandfathered into the HL7 vocabulary repository

V2 Happenings

  • Conformance - working on a tool with NIST to elevate the conformance rules out of the specific versions and to create a standard for the creation of implementation guides

V3 Happenings

  • Future of V3 discussion on Monday - will be canvassing the workgroups as to the state of their v3 products - reaffirm, withdraw, reballot, any new?
  • M&M V3 Products - RIM is moving to periodic balloting, Datatypes R2 will be reaffirmed, Core Principles R2 will be re-reconciled and reballoted. CMETs will be reballoted.
  • Identifiers - FHIR identifiers have an URI but we can't send that in V3 and thus CDA can't handle it. May need a Datatypes R1/R2 errata to allow for URIs to be sent in V3/CDA - and may need to raise this in ISO21090.

CDA Happenings

  • TSC has approved the CDA Management Group - operational by September WGM. Will identify the lead methodology group for CDA.
  • CDA R2.1 went through Draft for Comment ballot. Normative ballot in September balloting cycle

FHIR Happenings

  • M&M turned quality criteria into a readable format
  • FHIR Strategic Priorities will be published shortly
    • focus is on maturity, quality, usability, and stabilization
  • FHIR scheduling may lead to changes in the room reservation system
  • FHIR's ballot will be mixed and some will be normative. FHIR R4 will have a core of normative content

Future of Roundtable

  • will schedule this for September WGM
  • add CIMI and communicate that they need to be here
  • publish the agenda beforehand so people know what we're discussing