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MnM Minutes WGM 201401 San Antonio

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Sunday Jan. 19 Q3


Beebe, Calvin (Mayo Clinic)
Beeler Jr, George (Woody) (Beeler Consulting LLC)
Duteau, Jean (Duteau Design Inc)
Duteau, Katherine (Duteau Design Inc)
Jeong, Dongil (IHIS Research Center in Kyungpook National University)
Kreisler, Austin (Leidos, Inc.)
Lee, DoYoun (IHIS Research Center in Kyungpook National University)
Loyd, Patrick (ICode Solutions)
McKenzie, Lloyd (Gordon Point Informatics (HL7 Canada))
Smithies, Rik (NProgram Ltd)
Song, Joon Hyun (IHIS Research Center in Kyungpook National University)


  • Review of Hot Topics
  • Review of Agenda Sessions
  • New Motions

Review of Hot Topics

  • No new hot topics have been brought up since the last WGM
  • Rik raised the issue of how to populate IVL_TS. M&M does not normally provide instance implementation guidance. That perhaps could be something that AID (formerly RIMBAA) does.
  • Structured Documents are looking into a refresh of the CDA model which may raise some Hot Topic discussion.
  • The BlockedContextConduction hot topic might be one that CDA will need. It was discussed that this is a technical issue - context conduction is working, but the attribute is defined in the RIM incorrectly.
  • Action: Jean will take on bringing the existing hot topics to the mailing list with an eye towards closing as many as we can.
  • The UDI Task Force will have a recommendation coming forward which might result in a Pattern Harmonization discussion. Not at this WGM but in May.
  • Remove the Monday Q1 Hot Topics session

Review of Agenda Sessions

  • No FHIR core team present at Tue Q3 so probably no need for that session
  • No meeting on Thursday Q2
  • Discussion of FHIR as a work group since M&M may not be meeting other than jointly or as FHIR work. M&M should be model-based methodology workgroup which means that FHIR should remain part of M&M
  • Tue Q2 activities were covered in this session (see below). Tue Q1 is also dropped due to no need of discussion.

Core Principles Ballot

  • FDA and Siemens have not withdrawn their votes
  • MOTION: Hold a recirculation ballot to override the three negative votes. Woody/Austin 10-0-0

RIM Ballot

  • MOTION: Ballot Next RIM Release in September 2014 ONLY rather than in both May and September because in last 3 cycles we have needed only one cycle and should always finish in September. Katherine/Patrick 10-0-0

Wednesday Jan. 22 Q1 - Hosting Joint with Vocabulary and FHIR


Arndt, Brad (Cerner)
Beeler Jr, George (Woody) (Beeler Consulting LLC)
Couderc, Carmela (Siemens Healthcare)
Daoust, Norman (Daoust Associates)
de Moel, Ed (Hawaii Resource Group)
Fillmore, Chris (Systems Made Simple)
Grain, Heather (Standards Australia, eHealth Education)
Hausam, Robert (Hausam Consulting)
Hirai, Masaaki (HL7 Japan Voter #2 - Nihon Kohden Corp, Eng. Oper.)
Huang, Wendy (Canada Health Infoway Inc.)
Jeong, Dongil (IHIS Research Center in Kyungpook National University)
Jewell, Gabriele (Cerner Corporation)
Klein, William Ted (Klein Consulting, Inc.)
Lee, DoYoun (IHIS Research Center in Kyungpook National University)
Lyle, Jay (Ockham Information Services LLC)
Mallia, Tony (Edmond Scientific Company)
McKenzie, Lloyd (Gordon Point Informatics (HL7 Canada))
Parimi, Sailaja (Cerner Corporation)
Reppen, Bertil (Apertura)
Song, Joon Hyun (IHIS Research Center in Kyungpook National University)
Takasaka, Sadamu (HL7 Japan)


Value Set Definition Project

Ted Klein provided an introduction to this project which is tracked on the wiki as Value Set Definition Standard Project. Initiated a year ago to consolidate and standardize the structure and content of a Value Set definition wherever used in HL7 specifications. Also relates to US and other realm activities around value set definition.

Reviewed progress in last 12 months, and the draft documents being maintained collaboratively in Google Docs from the Wiki. Klein provided an overview of the 48 elements that are likely to be part of "definition" of a Value Set.

Switched to discussion of the beginnings of a draft and future plans. Current plan is to work through the Jan-May cycle with the goal of a Normative ballot in the May2014 Ballot. The specification is a "Logical" model or representation. Core principles contains the conceptual model for this, and things like the MIF become the physical implementations of this logical model.

Wednesday Jan. 22 Q2 - Hosting Joint with Vocabulary and FHIR



FHIR & Vocabulary

Thursday Jan. 23 Q1



FHIR Methodology

Thursday Jan. 19 Evening



Schedule 2014 Harmonization

Facilitators' Reports

Friday Jan. 24 Q2



MnM Business

FHIR Follow-up