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MnM Minutes CC 20130731

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M&M Conference Call 4:00PM Eastern Time (Date above)


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Meeting ID: 701-832-453

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  • Approve Minutes Prior Meeting on 07/03
  • Consideration of Harmonization Proposal to Revise ActRelationshipType
  • Ballot reconciliation for Core Principles Release 2
  • Vote in Foundation & Technology Steering Division Co-Chair Election
  • Harmonization Amendment to ActRelationshipType.META

Consideration of Harmonization Proposal to Revise ActRelationshipType codes and hierarchies

Revision of ActRelationshipType Hierarchy was discussed last year, and K. Coonan prepared a proposal to accomplish this for consideration in July 2013 Harmonization. (see the Preliminary Harmonization Package on

The proposal was discussed on the MnM Conference Call of June 26 as Proposal_to_Amend_the_ActRelationshipType_hierarchy. Further, this engendered an e-mail from Lloyd McKenzie to the MnM list on 6/27 titled "Timing ActRelationshipType codes". These will be the initial sources for this weeks discussion.

The discussion will be time-boxed to 30 minutes.

Ballot reconciliation on remaining Three Items on Core Principles Release 2

Reconciliation for the final three items from Core Principles R2, balloted in September 2012. Source material includes the reconciliation spreadsheet and a draft revision in html in a ZIP archive on Gforge.

Vote in Foundation & Technology Steering Division Co-Chair Election

Beeler's term as a Co-Chair of the Foundation and Technology Steering Division is up at the end of the year. Nominations were received in June, and the voting is open until July 31, 2013. MnM needs to cast its vote (one vote per Work Group in the Steering Division.) The group can either vote for the nominee (Beeler) or agree to a write-in candidate and cast its vote for that individual.

Approve a Harmonization Amendment to ActRelationshipType.META for CorePrinciples R2

The changes proposed to reconcile CorePrinciples engender the need to amend the stated "Constraint" imposed on type code "META" in the ActRelationship hierarchy. A proposal to this end has been submitted for Harmonizationand needs MnM endorsement.