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MnM Minutes CC 20100813

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M&M Conference Call Noon Eastern Time (Date above)

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Beeler, Kreisler, Dolin, Stechishin, Duteau, Pech

Complete Harmonization of Criterion Roll-back Proposal

The item to Roll-back and Change Criterion Representations was tabled during the August 4, 2010 Harmonization meeting to this special session.

Detailed discussion of the proposal linked above was undertaken. Bob Dolin indicated that the Structured Documents Work Group was comfortable with this proposal.

Discussion focused around Austin Kreisler's concerns (stated in e-mail last week) that the proposed META actr relationship did not address fully issues surrounding the conduction of context into an act with isCriterionInd=true.

After much discussion, agreed to following changes to the proposal as drafted by McKenzie:

  • Add the following constraint to the new attribute (Act.isCriterionInd)
    Constraint: Act-relationships directed to any Act with "isCriterionInd=true" SHALL have "conductible=false" unless the source Act also has "isCriterionInd=true".
  • Change the definition of the META ActRelationshipType to read:
    Definition: Indicates that the attributes and associations of the target act provide meta-data (for example, identifiers, authorship, etc.) for the source act.
  • Change the constraint on the META ActRelationshipType to read:
    Constraints: Source act must have the Act.isCriterion attribute set to true. Target act must be an Act with a moodCode of EVN.
    It was noted that ControlAct was too tight, as it precluded the logical use of a DOC class for CDA to provide the meta-data. It was agreed that a somewhat more constrained selection of ActClass types might be appropriate if this were raised during the forthcoming ballot.

Motion to make these changes was moved by Kreisler, seconded by Duteau and approved unanimously.

Consider RIM Reconciliation Changes (if needed)

This discussion was not needed.


12:40pm EDT