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MnM Minutes CC 20091002

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M&M Conference Call Noon Eastern Time (Date above)


Join GoToMeeting at
GoToMeeting ID: 846-611-869

Conference Call:

Noon Eastern Time

Use HL7 Conference Call service

Phone Number: 770-657-9270
Participant Passcode: 459876#

(for more detail refer to meeting schedule

Roll Call

Woody, Lloyd, Austin, Jean, Ioana, Mead, Sandy Stewart, Serafina, Mark Eiehl


  • HDF and SAEAF Harmonization
  • Scheduling Calls for next few months
  • Core Principles Recon Scheduling
  • What are we balloting in January?
  • Project proposal to ballot MIF

HDF and SAEAF Harmonization

  • Discussion about HDF and its relationship with the SAEAF.
  • MOTION: MnM understands that the intent is that the Core Principles doc and HDF will be tightly aligned with the SAEAF book. We would like to receive guidance from the ARB on how the workgroups will split with the ARB the task of carrying out the aforementioned alignment. (Mead/Woody) 8-0-0 (Mead to action this)

Call Scheduling

  • October 9th and 16th meetings for Core Principles Reconciliation
  • October 18th for Harmonization coverpages
  • October 23rd for carryover of Reconciliation and Hot Topics
  • October 30th for Hot Topics and Harmonization agenda planning
  • November 8th for full proposals
  • November 6/13 open
  • November 20th to ensure there are no problems with ballot materials
  • November 27th is cancelled
  • December 4-11-18 open

ACTION: Jean to update the wiki calendar

January Ballot Intention

  • RIM (Draft)
  • Core Principles (Norm)
  • MIF (Informative)
  • DT (no, but will verify)
  • A discussion of the Harmonization process and its relationship to RIM Balloting was had. RIM Ballot comments should be made in May so that the RIM can be reballotted in September. All ballot reconciliation items are made as Harmonization proposals in the following harmonization meeting. August Harmonization is intended to address minor items (and Vocabulary)

MIF Project Proposal

  • the RIM has a dependency on the MIF version, but not the other way around
  • we will ballot the Schemas, a rendered version of the Schemas, a UML diagram about the MIF, and a document explaining the rationale behind all of the elements
  • there is a dependency to the MIF change control process and this needs to be called out
  • MOTION: Approve MIF Project proposal (with agreed to changes) to the Foundation and Technology Steering Division, with requests to Co-sponsor Work Groups that they agree to that co-sponsorship. Beeler/Kreisler 5-0-0

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