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MnM Minutes CC 20090626

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Attendees: Woody, Lloyd, Andy, Austin, Patrick, Gregg, Jean, <others>

  • Agenda approved - Lloyd/Andy
  • Minutes approved - Lloyd/Andy
  • Grouper Discussion
    • Austin emailed out a requirements document and a proposal for the GROUPER codes
    • Austin says that the proposal is probably a non-starter but gives some idea of a way forward
    • Lloyd argues that the GROUPER/BATTERY codes are not strictly necessary but can provide extra information about the way that Acts/Observations are organized. He has a strong objection to BATTERY and a smaller object to GROUPER depending on how it is used.
    • There was a discussion about a previous Level Code and whether it could be used
    • There is a problem in that GROUPER/BATTERY would not be an observation, so you could not get BATTERY acts returned in a generic query for observations. But you can't just make BATTERY a child of GROUPER and OBSERVATION, because then you could not do a battery of diagnostic imaging tests.
    • Proposal to move away from using GROUPER/BATTERY for ordering
    • Lloyd will writeup a harmonization proposal and work with Patrick to ensure that it works with OO's requirements.