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[[Category:2007 MnM Minutes]]
=M&M Conference Call, October 5, 2007=
=M&M Conference Call, October 5, 2007=
(for more detail refer to [ meeting schedule])
(for more detail refer to [ meeting schedule])

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M&M Conference Call, October 5, 2007

(for more detail refer to meeting schedule)



Sarah Ryan, Jay Lyle, Dale Nelson, Ioana Singureanu

Meeting Notes

Jay provided an overview of the process, objectives, and scope of the editing project and, specifically, the RIM editing activities.The editing project is intended to address confusing, incorrect, incomplete guidance, omissions - in the core specifications (RIM and Vocabulary for now). This effort of editing the documentation should be an on-going, operational effort in the future. For now, the project team is attemptiong to fix problem with the existing materials.

  1. We need to agree on the criteria listed in the "RIM Assessment Document"
  2. Close the peer review of the "RIM Assessment Document" by Nov. 3rd
  3. Review the documents and provide the following:
    1. A copy of the original text with tracking turned on edits marked to illustrate the changes
    2. List of issues and omissions (keyed to the page and line number)

Open issue

If the semantics are clarified, how are those clarifications going to be verified in all the specification that use the clarified concepts?

Action Items:

Dale to provide Jay the WARTS materials.

--Ioana13 14:30, 5 October 2007 (CDT)