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MnM Minutes CC 20070525

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May 25, 2007


  • Dale Nelson
  • Craig Parker
  • Woody Beeler
  • Rick Chestek
  • Gregg Seppala
  • Ioana Singureanu


RIM Stewardship and Harmonization Representation (Hot Topic)

  • Stewardship
    • Woody suggested that we address the Stewardship discussion should be handled at the Harmonization meeting.
  • Harmonization Representation
    • Motion: We revise the V3 Harmonization representation rules to assign a Harmonization vote to the designated steward for each HL7 Special Interest Group that has primary responsibility for primary responsibility for one or more domains under normative consideration (DSTU, Committee normative, Membership normative) or who has an active project whose scope includes the development of normative V3 material or informative documents in the current ballot cycle. This does not alter the provision for Technical Committee representation in Harmonization votes. (Dale Nelson / Rick Chestek 5:0:0)
    • SIGs that may be affected by changes to the harmonization voting privileges:
      • Clinical Genomics
      • Imaging Integration
      • ITS
      • Laboratory
      • Patient Safety
      • Pharmacy
      • PHER
      • SOA

Suggestion for modifications to the Harmonization Schedule

  • Revise schedule due to few proposals?
  • Add session on sorting out Universal, Representative and Example content?

Motion: Given the available time at the upcoming Harmonization meeting, we will schedule a discussion on "sorting out Universal, Representative and Example content" during the final 3 or 4 quarters. This will serve as the coverpage. A detailed proposal will be submitted by the deadline. (Dale / Craig 5:0:0)

Other Items

  • Woody will send out the summary for the upcoming harmonization meeting later today.
  • Woody has arranged for GoToMeeting for Harmonization and Dynamic Model meetings.
  • Ioana will arrange for GoToMeeting for the Interim US Realm Vocabulary meeting.

  • Dale indicated a need to discuss conformance guidelines for use of OIDs with Templates (Conf-023 from the template specification). This stems from an email thread involving Structured Documents. We discussed how OIDs should be assigned and managed.
  1. The constraint in Conf-023 is too tight. In future HL7 models, the IDs can be either a set of identifying fields concatenated to a single string for use in extenstion OR it may be an OID that could be sent as the root.
  2. What does SDTC mean when they extend the "SDTC branch"? Adding organizations to register, or adding templates?
  • In either case, the SDTC must maintain a registry and the only tool for that is the HL7 OID registry. If the OID is per template, use the SDTC branch, and SDTC should register each of these in the HL7 OID registry. If it is per organization that will extend it, use the organization tree.