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Migration from HL7 v2 to HL7 v3

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This page contains information about the migration from HL7 version 2 to HL7 version 3. This includes the following aspects:

  • The translation from HL7 version 2 messages to HL7 version 3 message structures
    • This includes the strategy of extending the current HL7 version 2 messages to facilitate the translation process.
  • The implementation of a HL7 version 3 interfaces next to existing HL7 version 2 interfaces


  • The following page needs to be sourced for concepts: Implementation FAQ:Migration from version 2
  • The issue is also covered by a module in the 'HL7 v3 implementation training' (module xx, available at xxxURL)
  • See also [1], a whitepaper which contains examples translated between HL7 v2 and HL7 v3.