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May 27, 2014 Security WG Conference Call

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Meeting Information

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Member Name Present Member Name Present Member Name Present
Mike Davis Security Co-chair x John Moehrke Security Co-chair Trish Williams Security Co-chair
Bernd Blobel, Security Co-chair Johnathan Coleman x Kathleen Connor x
Duane DeCouteau x Reed Gelzer Suzanne Gonzales-Webb CBCC Co-chair x
Rick Grow x David Henkel x Mohammed Jafari
Don Jorgenson Diana Proud-Madruga x Harry Rhodes
Ioana Singureanu . . . Ross Freeman .
Amanda Nash Walter Suarez . Tony Weida x
Chris Clark . Paul Petronelli x Aaron Seib x
Alexander Mense . . .

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  1. (05 min) Roll Call, May 2014 Phoenix WGM Minutes.docx, Security WG Meeting Minutes
  2. (10 min) Way with Verbs - Kathleen
  3. (10 min) Trust Policy Vocabulary - Kathleen (not discussed)
  4. (10 min) Consider liaison for FHIR development - Paul Petronelli
  5. (05min) Other business, action items, and adjournment

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for May 22 approved. (Note no co-chair avaialbe for April 29 meeting--no official meeting minutes to be approved)

Way with Verbs (Verb comparison spreadsheet Spreadsheet Link - Diana

Presentation of spreadsheet containing Verb terms with definitions, comparison of EHR Functional Model Definition, Lifecycle Record Definition, OASIS Privacy by Design Document, S&P Ontology Definition

Tony Weida - productive meeting with the EHR group; largely planning for Way with Verbs project. Agreement to look at the Security and Privacy DAM since EHR does not have a DAM of their own. Reviewing literature to get backing for the methodology for proceeding with the project.

Make a note between FHIR implementation and HL7 Security WG; along the lines of threat assessments, vulnerabilities, penetration type testing in the development environment

  • We have a FHIR Liaison - John Moehrke, FHIR Liaison to Security
  • We have been working for some time with FHIR to develop the Security labeling portion of it (including demonstrations using FHIR resources); we have been participating in the FHIR connect-ta-thons regularly
  • Developer will be attending Security WG meetings starting in September (we are a designated developer in FHIR)
  • Duane attends the FHIR meetings and is there as a developer representative
  • We will need to clarify with John Moehrke his role as the FHIR liaison (no rush, we can wait until John is on the call)

MOTION made to approve the Phoenix WGM meeting minutes Kathleen/Diana Abstentions: none; Objections: none; unanimous approval

Kathleen will add to next agenda - issue brought up during the WGM regarding FHIR (?)

Meeting Adjourned: at 2:55 PST

--Suzannegw (talk) 21:58, 27 May 2014 (UTC)